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It’s been 560 days since I watched Sophie Suarez run through the airport to choose between her fiancée Dani and her best friend turned secret lover Finley. But despite all the time that has passed, nothing could have prepared me for the drama of the season two premiere of The L Word: Generation Q. I kid you not – I had to watch the opening sequence at least three times before I completely took in what happened.

Season 2 starts with a banging soundtrack and Sophie dressed in an incredibly dapper black suit. Sophie meets up with Dani, who is wearing a gorgeous black dress with a plunging neckline, and before you know it, we realize that it’s their rehearsal dinner. Yes, you read that right. Sophie chose Dani. But not without some guilt, as we later see Sophie tell Alice about her indiscretions and talk to Micah and her sister about whether she should tell Dani about Finley.

Meanwhile, Alice is back with Nat, but not without some interference from their ex throuple partner Gigi. After dropping off the kids at school, Alice and Nat try to go for a “real quickie” in the back of their car, only to have Gigi spoil the fun before it even starts. When Gigi jokes that “there is plenty of room back here . . . for three,” Nat and Alice decide they need to get her out of their lives by setting her up with a girlfriend.

In Bette and Tina land, Bette finally meets Tina’s fiancée Carrie (Rosie O’Donnell), and boy, is it tense. Carrie nicks Bette’s mailbox on her way in and attempts to make conversation by comparing Bette’s mayoral loss to the 2016 presidential election. And when Angie walks in, things don’t get much better, as Angie broaches the topic of getting to know her sperm donor, to which Tina and Bette don’t seem too thrilled.

Moreover, Bette is not happy about Carrie and Tina and later complains to Alice that she “has no one” and is going to “die alone.” So Alice comes up with the incredible idea of setting Bette and Gigi up on a blind date. The two go out for drinks, and they don’t really hit it off.

But after a few minutes, they run into Tina and Carrie, which just about breaks Bette. Knowing where Bette is coming from given her divorce with Nat, Gigi makes out with Bette to make Tina jealous. And even though I think Bette and Tina will end up together in the end, Gigi and Bette’s pairing is a welcome romantic detour.

Before we get to this episode’s big surprise, we can’t forget about Shane, who enters the dangerous gambling world of Texas hold ’em alongside Eddie (Lena Waithe), Tess (Jamie Clayton), and Chloe (Benita Krista Nall). Shane exchanges some flirty text messages with Chloe, but before anything physical happens, she finds out that Chloe is Eddie’s wife, and gets kicked out of the club.

If that wasn’t enough drama, this episode ends with Sophie and Dani’s wedding. Sophie decides she isn’t going to tell Dani about what happened with Finley, but just as the wedding ceremony gets started, Finley runs in and tells Sophie: “I love you. . . and I’m pretty sure you love me too.”

Becca’s Rankings

Sexiest Scene: Sophie and Dani sleeping together after their rehearsal dinner.

Most OMG-Moment: Finley interrupts Sophie and Dani’s wedding, followed by Dani telling Sophie that she had a crush on Bette.

Funniest Moment: Alice went down on Nat, and Nat fell asleep!

Best Musical Moment: Sophie walks into the rehearsal dinner while “Let Me Know” by Winona Oak plays in the background. Hearing the lyrics “you’re the one I choose / I belong to you” while waiting for her decision was epic.

Who will sleep together next? Bette and Gigi? It’s unclear if they are really into each other, or they just wanted to mess with Tina.



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