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August 23, 2021
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The L Word: Generation Q Round Up: Season 2, Episode 4

Scene from L Word Generation Q

The L Word: Generation Q Season 2, Episode 4

SPOILER ALERT! (Including spoilers from original series)

Brace yourself, folks. If you’re anything like me, Season 2, Episode 4 of The L Word: Generation Q might leave you wanting a girlfriend and a hug. So let’s get to it!

After last week’s episode, I thought that Dani’s dad had died. But nope! Instead, he is arrested for criminal conspiracy and fraud, and Dani escapes to Ojai, California to avoid being deposed by lawyers.

Meanwhile, Finley gets hired to be a referee for children’s soccer, and I could not love that more for her. Apparently, Sophie agrees, as she asks Finley to go out for sushi. Now don’t hate me for this, but I was not originally a Sinley stan. But the way the two of them look at each other during this episode really makes my heart melt.

My love for Sophie and Finley gets thwarted pretty quickly, as Sophie checks in on Dani in Ojai and they sleep together. Sophie also cancels her date-but-maybe-it-wasn’t a date with Finley. This love triangle just keeps on going, and I am here for it.

Speaking of love triangles, even though we get a sexy scene of Bette and Gigi sleeping together in the kitchen, Bette has a moment with artist Pippa Pascal. As Bette is trying to convince Pippa to sign with the gallery she works for, she grabs Pippa’s hand. To which Pippa responds: “don’t touch me like that unless you’re coming home with me.” Damn.

The rest of this week’s storylines really hit me hard. Angie finds out that her biological father is dying and goes to therapy with Micah to decide whether she wants to meet her dad. She doesn’t tell Bette about what she is dealing with, but invites Tina, Carrie, and Bette to come to therapy with her next time. The poor girl just needs a hug.

Angie isn’t the only one who needs a hug. Fresh off her breakup with Nat, Alice has a heart-wrenching conversation with her book editor about Dana, the character we love to hate The L Word’s showrunner Ilene Chaiken for killing off (she has since said she wished she had done otherwise). Alice pours her heart out, runs into the arms of her mother, and honestly, I wish this woman could get a break.

During this episode, a few other pairings play the “will-they-won’t they” game. Micah tells Maribel he wants to date women, and almost gets up the courage to tell her he likes her. Tess goes to Las Vegas to visit her mother, who is suffering from dementia, and when she gets back, Shane and Tess share a kiss. But Tess says she is seeing someone else, which was just so disappointing!

At the end of the episode, we return to Sophie and Dani. Dani tells Sophie that she thinks “dodged a bullet.” But then Dani says that their relationship doesn’t feel hard anymore and asks Sophie to stay. How can all that be true at the same time? Tune in next week!

Becca’s Rankings

Sexiest Scene: I will not admit how many times I watched Bette and Gigi f*ck.

Most OMG-Moment: Shane tells Angie about how she mistakenly left a woman at the altar. When is there going to be justice for Carmen?

Funniest Moment: Finley tells Sophie: “Alice loves you. She’ll love whatever you bring her as long as it’s yours. Or hers. She loves her own ideas, most of all.”

Best Musical Moment: Dani and Sophie banging to “Feelings,” whose lyrics perfectly describe my reaction to this episode: “you got me in my feelings.”

Who will sleep together next? I felt a vibe between Bette and Pippa, but then Bette slept with Gigi again!



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