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September 13, 2021
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September 15, 2021
Love Shack episode of L Word Generation Q

Arienne Mandi (Dani) & Sepideh Moafi (Gigi) in Generation Q. Photo: Liz Morris/SHOWTIME.

This week, The L Word: Generation Q moved to Mondays, and I had so much whiplash that I needed to sit down and collect myself. Are you ready? Because I definitely was not. 

Last week, we left off with Finley sleeping with someone new in an attempt to get over Sophie. In this episode, Finley makes a worthy effort to hide her true feelings for Sophie, and it almost works. But even after an intense argument where Finley says that Sophie will never choose her, the two end up mending fences, with Sophie singing “Closer” by Tegan and Sara to Finley at karaoke night. While it was an adorable rendition, I did have some trouble believing that Sophie would change her mind that quickly. Earlier in the episode, Sophie bought Dani a drink and said out loud that “Finley’s not that bad.” Come on Gen Q writers, you could do better. 

Other characters in this episode also surprised me. After sleeping with Micah, Maribel does not talk to Micah for an entire week, and my heart broke. When Maribel sees Micah talking to another man at karaoke night, she interrupts and asks if sleeping with her was an “experiment” to see if he liked sleeping with women. No offense to the writers, but that was a complete overreaction. We don’t need that kind of drama, even if Jillian Mercado, who plays Maribel, is great at delivering it. 

Despite my qualms with this week’s episode, there were some good moments. Bette, Shane, and Tina sing “Love Shack” at karaoke night and hit it out of the park. Bette finally admits that Gigi isn’t the one for her and visits Pippa at an art exhibit. And after being friend-zoned by Tom, Alice asks him to dance not as friends, and they end up sleeping together. 

Yet even so, in my opinion, there is some casual biphobia lingering. When Shane bets Bette that Alice and Tom will sleep together, Bette says: “I do not want to spend any time picturing that.” Maybe I’m wrong and it’s just Bette being self-righteous or expressing her preference for sleeping with women, but the comments I’ve been seeing online about how Alice shouldn’t sleep with a man because it’s The L Word have made me think otherwise. 

That being said, my favorite part of this episode was definitely the budding romance between Tess and Shane. In this episode, Tess reveals that Cherie broke up with her, and asks Shane if she had anything to do with it. Shane admits to having told Cherie to back off and says she told Cherie something else. But she doesn’t say what! My guess is that Shane told Cherie about her crush on Tess, because during this episode, there is an almost kiss between Tess and Shane that literally made my heart melt.  

My heart really did melt during other parts of this episode. Now that we know that Bette is over Gigi, I feel better about Dani and Gigi potentially being together. In the last few seconds of this episode, Dani and Gigi get ice cream, and Gigi says: “they’ve changed. . . I told you I’d let you know if my feelings changed, and they have.” Agh, I can’t wait until next week! 


Becca’s Rankings 

Sexiest Scene: Sophie and Finley getting it on!  

Most OMG-Moment: Gigi telling Dani that her feelings changed. 

Funniest Moment: When Alice mentioned feelings, Bette said: “I know how much you hate those.” 

Best Musical Moment: Bette, Shane, and Alice belting “Love Shack” at karaoke. Damn, I did not know that Shane could sing. 

Who will sleep together next? Shane and Tess, pretty please?



Becca Damante
Becca Damante
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