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May 23, 2016
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May 26, 2016
Ladies Rock Capital Pride

Don’t miss the amazing performers at this year’s Capital Pride!

Since 1975, the annual Capital Pride event has brought the LGBTQ community gathers together to celebrate nearly two weeks of pride, including the parade, concerts and an array of activities at the festival. This year’s Capital Pride is bursting with talent!

The Capital Pride Alliance aims to promote diversity, as well as motivate and support the LGBTQ community in order to grow and protect the legacy of future generations. This year’s theme is “Make Magic Happen” and we are highlighting some of the amazing performances that will do just that.

Wicked Jezabel

Wicked Jezabel (Photo by Denis Largeron)

The Party Band
Wicked Jezabel is a group of six talented musicians. This all-female party band plays all over the Washington, D.C. area, in Rehoboth Beach and all over the mid-Atlantic. They have a loyal following of people who enjoy favorite hits from the 80s, Motown, disco and classic rock.

These ladies are kicking off pride at Freddie’s Beach Bar pride show on June 10 and will be on stage at the Capital Pride Festival on Sunday June 12. After years of playing, the ladies love playing this event to support the LGBTQ community in their hometown. “Capital Pride is the most important performance we do all year,” said Pauline Anson-Dross of Wicked Jezabel.

Basking in the enthusiasm, Wicked Jezabel welcomes everyone to their performances. “By being ourselves we are teaching and showing people we are just like everybody else,” said Anson-Dross. Also strong friends of the transgender and ally community, Wicked Jezabel sets an example for unity and openness in the pride spirit. “We just love the interaction with the crowd and the whole celebration of pride,” said Dross. This will be there first year at Frederick Pride in Maryland on June 25.

Since their first performance at the oldest lesbian bar in D.C., Phase 1, in 1998, Wicked Jezabel has developed a devoted following and they are well-known in the music scene. They have even been honored at the Washington Area Music Awards with the title of Best Rock Performer and Fan Favorite. They also perform in support of animal rescues and disaster relief agencies. Don’t try to resist singing along with the band, they play all the songs you remember and love.

DJ Jai Syncere

DJ Jai Syncere (Photo by Denis Largeron)

Syncerely Pride
You can feel the vibrations of DJ Jai Syncere at one of the largest women’s pride events, FUSE. She will be at the Howard Theatre on Saturday June 11 igniting the crowd.

Inspired by her love of music, Syncere started spinning at 18. She started working professionally in 2006. Since then her following has grown to include a wide range of people, but she is a favorite with the ladies, so don’t miss this packed dance floor of women.

She is also a radio/DJ host and party promoter. Her popularity as an entertainer has gotten her gigs playing major album release parties and inaugural balls. DJ Jai Syncere’s also proudly carries on the legacy of her friend and mentor DJ K-Swift.

This will be her first year at Capital Pride, but as a D.C. local, it is sure not to be her last. Playing clubs all over the United States, Syncere loves to motivate listeners with upbeat and energetic mixes that entice women to the dance floor.

Her first pride experience was New York, so it might be hard to top, since the whole city seems to embrace the LGBTQ community during the celebration. As Capital Pride embraces the meaning and idea of equality, unity and openness, Syncere will be lifting spirits and inspiring dance moves. Expect high-energy music, infectious beats and maybe a legendary Prince set.

What does Pride mean to Syncere? “Love and support of people in general.”

Dixie Castafiore (Tamara Lubysheva), Sugar Cane (Nancy Cañas), and Miss Fanny Tittington (Colleen Carrigan) - Photo by Denis Largeron

Dixie Castafiore, Sugar Cane (Nancy Cañas), and Miss Fanny Tittington (Colleen Carrigan) – Photo by Denis Largeron

What it feels like to be a Gurly
The DC Gurly Show is D.C.’s longest running queer burlesque troupe. “We have been producing at least one show a month, nearly every month, for the last 11 years,” said the troupe’s producer Sindalicious.

In 11 years, the group has grown from ten members to 30+ who have performed in venues all over D.C., including Apex, Black Cat, 9:30 Club, Bier Baron, Chaos, Phase1, Big Hunt, Freddie’s Beach Bar, and recently at The Pinch. They welcome new members from all backgrounds.

“The DC Gurly Show is a diverse, fully-inclusive, queer troupe but our members have identities that range throughout the gender and sexuality spectrums,” said Sindalicious. She explains that it is also a teaching troupe. “We have always encouraged anyone who is interested in being a part of our burlesque family to join us.” After joining the group, they get assistance through training, workshops and mentorships as they work to create their act.

The DC Gurly Show is a mainstay at Capital Pride, having performed on both the main stage and the rainbow stage. “We love the experience and the chance to be involved. Being involved in Pride and the opportunity to celebrate our identities in such a large public forum is so important to our members,” said Sindalicious.

Their longest running monthly shows have been at Club Chaos and at Phase 1 during their ladies nights. The group’s reach has expanded as acceptance in the community has grown. “As the local bar scene changes and our communities have become more inclusive and integrated, so has our fan base. Creating a safe, inclusive, and diverse space, for both our performers and audience, is very important to the DC Gurly Show and that mutual respect is what we bring into every space in which we perform,” said Sindalicious.

The group’s success is due to their amazing followers. Sindalicious has a message for all their fans, “Thank you for supporting our passion for art, entertainment, and community for the last 11 years. As stakeholders in a diverse, inclusive performance community, it is an honor to be the longest running queer burlesque troupe in D.C. and it has only been made possible through the ardent love and support of our fans. We look forward to another 11 years and seeing everyone at an upcoming show! See you at Pride!”

The DC Gurly Show will be in the Capital Pride parade and on stage at the Capital Pride Festival on Sunday, June 12.