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Lakeyria Doughty

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Lakeyria Doughty, 26, is known for riding dirt bikes around the streets of Baltimore and was recently featured in the Charm City Kings movie that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2020 and released by HBO Max in October 2020. On New Year’s Day 2021 she was charged with the fatal stabbing of her girlfriend Tiffany Wilson, 33.

Through her lawyer, Doughty maintains her innocence, claiming that Wilson stabbed herself and that Doughty tried to save her life. According to a police report obtained by Tagg, the stab wound in Wilson’s chest is not consistent with a self-inflicted injury.

The police additionally noted that the blood covering Doughty when they arrived, the signs of a physical fight including moved furniture and pulled hair and jewelry, the prior domestic violence calls for the couple, and the text messages from Wilson prior to the stabbing saying she wanted to break up with Doughty all add to the evidence that led them to charge Doughty with murder in the first degree.

Doughty has collected an Instagram following of over 57,000 followers as a dirt bike rider branded as the “Wheelie Queen.” She got her first bike at 11 years old and became an icon for the few women in the subculture. She told the Baltimore Sun in 2014: “You should never let nobody tell you you can’t do something. I just want to get it out there: I’m a girl, and I’m doing everything you doing.”

According to the Williams Institute, queer women experience domestic violence at higher rates than straight women, with 40.4% of lesbians and 56.9% of bisexual women experiencing violence with an intimate partner during their lifetimes. Leaving an abusive partner is the most dangerous time for the person leaving and the majority of domestic violence homicides occur around the time of a partner leaving an abuser.

The Baltimore police stated that the text messages between Wilson and Doughty “painted a disturbing picture” in which Wilson repeated over and over for Doughty to leave her alone and give back the keys to her apartment. The police also stated that Wilson’s family members said that there had been multiple “incidents of assaults and violence” during their relationship.

It was the first murder of 2021 in Baltimore. According to a local Baltimore news channel, Wilson leaves behind a young child.

If you are struggling with an abusive relationship in the LGBTQ+, kink, or polyamorous communities, you can call the free and confidential 24-hour hotline by The Network/La Red at 800-832-1901.




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