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October 14, 2014
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LGBTQ History #10: Laverne Cox Becomes First Openly Trans Person Nominated for an Emmy

Laverne Cox at HIPS 20th Anniversary

Laverne Cox is a “Jackie” of all trades. Actress, producer, and LGBTQ activist are just some of the many lines of Cox’s extensive résumé.

Graduate of Marymount Manhattan College, Cox has had roles in film and television since 2007. She is also a long-time advocate of transgender rights, most recently working to combat laws that unfairly target trans women of color.

Notably, Cox is the first transgender person to be on the cover of Time Magazine. She currently has a recurring role in the Netflix show Orange is the New Black based off the novel of the same title. Her stunning interpretation of Sophia Burset, an incarcerated transgender mother, earned her an EMMY nomination for Best Supporting Actress. It also landed her the title of first openly trans woman to be nominated for EMMY award and a glamorous spot in LGBTQ history.


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