Local Woman Proposes With Flash Mob at Club Hippo

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Local Woman Proposes With Flash Mob at Club Hippo

Club Hippo Flash Mob Proposal

Last week, Alexandria, VA resident Sara Stickler surprised her partner Rebecca Goodman with a flash mob proposal at Club Hippo in Baltimore, MD. The couple met at the club three and half years ago. In Stickler’s YouTube description she says: “We had each been looking for a one night stand, but here we are now engaged and so in love! I wanted to surprise Rebecca with a proposal she would always remember.”

The day started with a scavenger hunt that ultimately ended at Club Hippo. Goodman was greeted by a candlelit dance floor, soon to be filled with friends and family.

The routine was choreographed by local burlesque performer Ashliana Rowe, also known as Private Tails. She considers herself a hopeless romantic, so she had no problems helping out the happy couple.

“I have always loved the idea of flash mobs. I knew I could coordinate one if I had the right motivation, and I found it in Sara’s story,” says Rowe. “I was just happy that I was able to receive her message and translate that into movements so that Rebecca would have an amazing time.”



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