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A Sexy Timeline of Queer Women’s History
March 1, 2022
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March 7, 2022

Lez Hang Out Podcast Ep. 513: Everlasting Lovin’

Lez Hange Out episode 513

Leigh and Ellie tackle the age old question of how to maintain desire in a long term relationship. This question comes up a lot, especially in lesbian relationships. There’s a reason people talk about “lesbian bed death” and most of it is rooted in the patriarchy.

Societal expectations around sex and desire are based on men and this can cause a lot of issues for women. At the start of a relationship when your hormones are vibing through the roof, it probably doesn’t feel difficult to get turned on or conjure up that spark of passion. But by the three-year mark when our hormones start to stabilize and our bodies stop sabotaging our ability to think clearly, it might take a little something extra to ignite that desire. We share tips for navigating the changes to your sex life that occur naturally as your relationship progresses.

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