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Lez Hang Out Podcast Ep. 617: Witch Please with Maggie Lalley

Lez Hang Out with Maggie Lalley

Raise your hand if you were also a teenage witch with an unhealthy, obsessively close female friendship that completely took over your life. This week Leigh and Ellie hang out with Maggie Lalley, standup comic, writer, and performer of the one woman show, Sex Witch the Musical, a comedy show based on her real life journey spanning 2 years in a 2 person teen witch magic sex cult. Maggie talks about her experiences through humor so we had a lot of fun recording this episode, but we want everyone to be aware that we discuss situations of teenage sexual trauma and abuse throughout.We do a deep dive into the weeds of Sex Witch the Musical and the fascinating, and disturbing, real life story behind it. As a quick overview, sweet, innocent 13 year old Maggie was totally entranced by a 14 year old girl from Albania that she refers to as Bethany. Bethany was not only slightly older, but also a lot more worldly and sexually experienced. She built her friendship with Maggie for 6 months before dropping the biggest plot twist of Maggie’s 13 years of life. Bethany was a witch, and so was Maggie. She convinced Maggie that she could train her to develop her powers so that she’d be able to bilocate to a parallel universe and access a place called the House. The House was extremely cool because it was where nearly every A list celebrity of the time period was also hanging out, apparently just chilling and being secret witches and warlocks as one does. In addition to being able to bilocate, Bethany claimed to be able to channel the celebrities into her own body so that Maggie could speak with them. Then she took it a step further, convincing Maggie that she should begin a sexual relationship with one of the celebrity warlocks using Bethany’s body as a conduit. Maggie began dating and hooking up with who she truly believed to be Rupert Grint of Harry Potter movie fame and fully considered the relationship to be a heterosexual one at the time.Maggie’s extremely cult-like experiences with Bethany stretched from 2005 to 2007 and are captured in her old journals, which served as a vital reference for her to write the musical comedy. We talk to Maggie about why she decided to create a show based on her life and how it has helped with processing the things that happened when she was a teenager. 

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