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October 2, 2021
Bette and Tina, L Word Generation Q
The L Word: Generation Q Round Up: Season 2, Episode 9
October 5, 2021

Lez Hang Out Podcast Ep. 503: Queeriography with JJ Niemann

Lez Hang Out w/ JJ Niemann

Leigh  and Ellie sit down with Broadway actor and TikTok star, J.J. Niemann to talk about how he went from musical theatre gay to TikTok fame. From J.J.’s baby theatre days in Charlotte’s Web to his freshly post college Broadway debut with Book of Mormon, they chat about how musical theatre has always been a safe space for queer people and how he knew from an early age that acting was his calling.They also talk about how it led him to TikTok stardom with his videos that give folks a peek behind the curtain and resonate with the theatre kid that still sings within many of us.

They also discuss censorship of queer content creators by social media platforms and the issue of cyber bullying within the community. Follow along on Twitter: Lez Hang Out (@lezhangoutpod) and answer our Q & Gay at the end of every episode.




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