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Lez Hang Out Podcast: Should’ve Been Gay Ep. 75 – Bridesmaids with Never Normal

SBG Episode Bridesmaids

Leigh and Ellie hang out with comedians and hosts of the podcast Never Normal, Renee Santos and Jackie Monahan to talk about why the movie Bridesmaids Should’ve Been Gay. Bridesmaids is quite simply gay from casting to credits. Nothing about this movie has a heterosexual explanation. The only reason anyone would have for being that jealous of their friend making another friend is if there was a secret crush going on.

Bridesmaids should have ended with Annie and Lillian recognizing their romantic feelings for one another and finally getting together. Alternatively, we would accept a throuple situation between Annie, Lillian, and Helen. One thing is for sure, Bridesmaids Should’ve Been Gay.



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