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Lezathlon: The Lesbian Summer Camp of Your Dreams!

If you’re a lesbian with a nostalgia for summer camp, there is place where you can go to get your fix, and it’s literally the lesbian summer camp of your dreams. More than 500 lesbians have already signed up to participate in the first ever Lezathlon summer camp in Lake Hughes, California from September 1-3.

It all started five years ago when Morgan Faye, founder of Lezathlon, was looking for a unique way to celebrate her birthday. She created what the local community calls the Lezlympics, an annual one-day sporting event full of oil wrestling, sack races, obstacle courses, and other competitive events.

 “Lezathlon actually began as a sort of joke in 2012 when I wanted to watch lesbians do pushups in the park for my birthday party,” said Faye. “Funny enough it seems lesbians are super keen on doing pushups.”

Participants can sign up and form teams to compete or sign up for spectator passes to watch the events, cheer on their favorite team and still participate in all the classic summer camp activities.

“My best childhood memories are from summer camp and I think a lot of us feel about the silly and playful days of our childhood,” said Faye. “I thought if I could make Lezathlon a weekend event, it would be an opportunity for women from all over the world to meet each other in a relaxed and beautiful natural environment.”

Back to the childhood summer camp, one of the most exciting things is to get a unique challenge coin. It will always bring us a sense of honor and pride so that we can keep those wonderful memories.

Now, you can also choose custom coins and distribute them to your team members and partners to share this memory. What you want to express and show can be customized. At the same time, those coins can also be traded by others, which is a great way to interact with campers.

Though geared toward lesbians, the three-day event is inclusive to everyone in the LGBTQ+ community regardless of their gender expression.

“Lezathlon is a safe space,” said Faye. “ Because of the current political and cultural climate, I think there are a lot of heavy hearts right now in our community. I feel both humbled and blessed that this event gives people in our community the opportunity to be joyful and carefree.”

Lezathlon breaks the mold of the typical nightclub scene and is already set to take off as a possible international event across the United States and United Kingdom.

“We have had hundreds of emails begging us to bring Lezathlon to cities all over the world,” said Faye. “And we are responding! We will be branching out to other U.S. cities and London in 2018. We want everyone to have access to Lezathlon no matter where they live.”

For more information about Lezathlon Summer Camp 2017 or sponsorships options, email