SBG Ep. 73 - Cheers
Lez Hang Out Podcast: Should’ve Been Gay Ep. 73 – Cheers
December 10, 2021
Candace Parker
Welcome to the Team! WNBA Player Candace Parker Comes Out
December 17, 2021

Lez Hang Out Podcast: Should’ve Been Gay Ep. 74 – The Nightmare Before Christmas

Lez Hang Out SBG Ep. 74

Leigh  and Ellie hang out with BAFTA-nominated voice actor and friend of the podcast, Valerie Rose Lohman to talk about why The Nightmare Before Christmas Should’ve Been Gay. This movie is universally a queer kid experience. Every queer kid who grew up watching this movie resonated with Jack and Sally’s journeys. We discuss Jack Skellington’s chaotic bi energy and dive into how he experiences gay puberty in Christmastown. We talk about the very relatable falling for your best friend experience as we watch Sally pine after Jack on the sidelines while he takes the time to discover his sexuality.

We debate which town is the embodiment of homosexuality or heterosexuality and the bisexual implications that holds. And of course, we dive into our ships, including examining Jack’s relationship with his toxic ex-boyfriend Ooogie Boogie and his budding relationship with the secure in her pansexuality Sally. One thing is for sure, The Nightmare Before Christmas should’ve been gay!




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