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The Best LGBTQ Apps for Finding Queer Friends

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Navigating the world of queer relationships is all but easy, and finding like-minded people can be extremely stressful. Luckily, the right LGBTQ+ apps can help you find queer friends and, potentially, meet your forever partner.

But with so many dating apps and platforms out there, which one should be your first choice? After all, using an LGBTQ dating site isn’t always as easy as simply uploading a photo and putting your profile out there!

In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know to make the most of your time on dating apps!

Choosing the Best LGBTQ+ Dating App: 5 Unmissable Tips

Although the list of dating apps out there is nearly endless, pinpointing the one with the right population for your preferences might not be easy at first. 

The tips below can help you avoid risky pitfalls and safely enjoy your dating life. 

Be Clear on What You Are Looking For

The first step to choosing a dating app is to be clear about what you are looking for. Are you after a quick, casual hookup? Are you looking to meet queer friends to share your experience with? Or are you ready to meet your forever partner?

Answering these questions can help you weed out the dating apps (and dates!) that don’t match your future goals. 

Choose a Niche Dating Site To Find People With Similar Interests

Although most LGBTQ+ dating sites out there target the queer community as a whole, choosing a niche platform that allows you to meet people with similar interests to your own can make dating less stressful and more fun!

Depending on your hobbies and interests, you might consider trying apps for music lovers such as Tastebuds, or platforms that allow you to create meaningful connections such as CoffeeMeetsBagel.

Find a Secure Dating Platform

When dating online, nothing is more important than safety. According to a report by the Federal Trade Commission, sextortion scams are now plaguing LGBTQ+ dating sites such as Grindr. 

Make sure to choose a dating platform that has safety features in place and educate yourself about the best practices to follow to avoid scams and dangerous situations. 

Try Free Dating Sites First

With so many LGBTQ-friendly dating sites out there, you might be struggling to find the one for you. Luckily, most online platforms provide users with a free version alongside premium and paid features. 

Make sure to take advantage of these free dating sites or free trials before committing to a paid membership – this will give you the chance to explore the app’s population and decide if it’s for you. 

Use Online Resources To Find Reliable Dating Sites

Blindly choosing a dating app might land you in uncomfortable or unpleasant situations! If you are not sure what to expect, educate yourself about the features and standards of each app through trustworthy reviews of the best queer and gay dating websites.

LGBTQ+ Dating Apps Worth Trying Today

The tips above can help you make a selection of the best LGBTQ+ apps out there. But now it’s time to create a profile and put yourself out there.

The apps below are the best ones in terms of safety features, population volume, and quality standards.

Find the one that works best for your preferences and keep an eye out for a soul mate!

  • WeBelong
    If you are looking for queer friends and not romantic or sexual relationships, WeBelong is for you. This app is designed around the need of queer people under 30 looking to build friendships and share experiences in a safe environment.
  • Her
    Her is one of the best lesbian dating apps out there, but it also welcomes people from the LGBTQIA2S+ community as a whole. Alongside chats and swipe options, the platform also has social media-like features such as an event page.
  • Hinge
    Known by the tagline “The Dating App Designed To Be Deleted”, Hinge is the perfect platform for those looking for long-lasting relationships or a forever partner. The app’s free version allows you to send 10 likes a day, and the platform’s award-winning algorithm will help you find the best partner for your needs based on your preferences.
  • Lex
    Lex is a free dating app born from Kelly Rakowski’s highly successful Instagram account @personals. The text-centered social app encourages users to focus on what their matches write and say rather than their appearance.
  • Feeld
    Founded in 2014, Feeld is a relatively new dating app for like-minded people looking for exploration and pleasure. Users can create personal profiles or sign up with their partners.

Start Meeting Queer Friends!

Technology has played a vital role in helping people in the queer community find love – and the apps above are proof of it! Take some time to create a profile that best describes who you are and enjoy putting yourself out there!







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