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January 24, 2023
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It’s the season of love, which means it’s time to snuggle up and get romantic! Best of all, you don’t need a partner to jump wholeheartedly into the Valentine’s celebrations. All you need is the love of a good book and what better than a LGBTQ+ romance book?


Read Between the Lines: A Novel (Ms. Right Book 1) - Kindle edition by Lacey, Rachel. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ Between The Lines by Rachel Lacey

Book lovers adore novels centered around a bookstore and this contemporary lesbian romance sizzles with sexual tension from the get-go. Bookshop owner Rosie is unlucky in love and unwilling to compromise – she wants a high-flying, suited-and-booted woman like the characters in her favorite novels. Sadly, the only powerhouse she knows is Jane, the property developer terminating the lease on the building housing Rosie’s bookstore, but at least she has the distraction of author Brie’s flirtatious messages to keep her smiling… Funny and pacey, this is the first book in Rachel Lacey’s Ms. Right series. The second, No Rings Attached, is equally as entertaining.





One Last Stop: McQuiston, Casey: 9781250244499: BooksOne Last Stop by Casey McQuiston

While McQuiston’s M/M romance Red, White and Royal Blue was a 2019 New York Times bestseller her second novel has its own devotees. One Last Stop follows New York newbie August as she juggles a humdrum job, freaky roommates, and a mind-numbing commute. So far, so ordinary, but when August meets edgy Jane on the subway everything changes. The leather jacket and punky hairstyle aren’t just a nod to ‘70s fashion – Jane is lost in time and space. If you’re looking for a magical read of a fun, funky time-traveler, this is the book for you.






Rosaline Palmer Takes the Cake: 9781538703328: Hall, Alexis: Books - Amazon.comRosaline Palmer Takes The Cake by Alexis Hall

Fans of The Great British Baking Show assemble! Bisexual protagonist Rosaline is looking to cook up a storm on a reality baking show, determined to prove to both herself and daughter Amelie that she’s a winner. The prize money wouldn’t go amiss either, but distractions come in the form of upper-class Alain and electrician Harry. Complete with a wealth of baking-related puns, this romcom is as much about Rosaline finding herself as it is her love life, making it the perfect read for anyone who needs to learn to love themselves.






The Forever Factor: Brayden, Melissa: 9781636793573: BooksThe Forever Factor by Melissa Brayden

Bethany Cahill never recovered from her high school breakup. Even romantic TV shows remind her of the pain Reid caused, so there’s no way she’d risk putting her heart back on the line, which is why Bethany is stunned when Reid walks into her office after 11 years. Emotions run high in this tropey second-chance romance told partly via flashbacks.



 Nick and Charlie (The Heartstopper Novellas): 9781338885101: Oseman, Alice: BooksNick and Charlie by Alice Oseman

Oseman’s Heartstopper became a global phenomenon in 2022 as the Netflix dramatization brought the graphic novels to a wider audience. Both the show and the books have been widely praised for excellent representation and this novella, a companion to Solitaire (the novel that first introduced Nick and Charlie), is finally available in the U.S. Aimed at teens, this has all the angst and turmoil alongside the wholesome love between these two soulmates.








Katey Lovell
Katey Lovell
Katey Lovell is a freelance writer and romantic novelist based in Sheffield, UK. She loves books, bands and musical theatre and spends far too much time on Twitter. Find her @katey_lovell.