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LGBTQutie: More Than Just a Hookup

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LGBTQutie is much more than an online dating app: it’s a place where anyone on the LGBTQ spectrum can go to converse about politics, lifestyle, and make meaningful connections. With over 30,000 current subscribers, LGBTQutie will be the next place to find the love of your life. After all, who isn’t an LGBTQutie or trying to find one?

“We wanted the name to say what it is and who we cater to,” explains Rachel Kimelman, co-owner and co-founder of LGBTQutie.com. After she and longtime best friend Jordan Weiss noticed severe gaps in online dating communities—many of those gaps existing in LGBTQ dating circles—she and Weiss decided to do something about it.

“The apps out there didn’t cater to our community,” says Weiss, co-owner and co-founder. “So we made one. We cater to our entire community; we are relationship oriented as opposed to hookups.”

This type of multi-faceted online app is something many members of the community have been asking for and missing. Whether you’re online to make friends or find the love of your life, users can expand their network, meet like-minded and diverse individuals, and participate in meaningful discussions via online content, blogs, and personal profiles.

LGBTQutie ensures that its features and content are not only just for cisgender males and females. The kind of inclusivity that LGBTQutie offers is available to everyone in the LGBTQ community, across various gender identities, races, and gender spectrums.

But how does LGBTQutie offer such inclusive features on their app?

“We have LGBTQ related content, an LGBTQuestionnaire, which is specifically geared toward LGBTQ people and the issues and topics that they care about”, Kimelman explains.

“We have a blog that we post on a regular basis about relevant topics in the community and a news section that speaks about issues and accomplishments of LGBTQ people,” adds Weiss.

The dating app is set to have its official launch on April 7, but will be available for both IOS and Android starting on March 10. “It’s difficult to find a product that meets the needs of the consumer and we do that by giving our community a safe and non-judgmental space to meet other people,” says Kimelman.

After providing that space, it’s up to the consumer to make the connections and build his/her/their network. With a plethora of features including a hybrid of full online profiles and a swiping system, LGBTQutie is sure to provide all the mediums with which one would need to build a networking empire. Consumers will even be able to create events and invite friends to them.

As with any online apparatus, safety is a priority. “There will be a system within the app that will allow people
to report abuses,” explains Weiss. “We will take down things that will be considered spamming, bullying or things that aren’t consistent with our mission.” Part of providing online safety will include the use of an algorithm to limit spammers from mass messaging and/ or harassing users.

“One of our most exciting features is our video messages,” says Kimelman. Referred to lovingly as video teasers, consumers will be able to send ten second-long video clips, through which they can verify the other person. With these and other measures, consumers know they’re safe, protected, and supported in their online adventure.

LGBTQutie’s dating app will be available in a free download form; however, in honor of the launch, LGBTQutie will be offering upgraded rainbow membership, which will allow for additional services and features. For more information, or to create your online profile, visit www.lgbtqutie.com.