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Lez Hang Out Podcast Ep. 603: Got Gayme? with Dot Marie Jones

lez hang out 603

Calling all Gleeks!

This week Leigh (@lshfoster) and Ellie (@elliebrigida) hang out with actor Dot Marie Jones (@dotmariejones), who you probably know best as Shannon Beiste on Glee, but who has also had notable roles in pretty much anything you’ve probably ever seen (Coach Kelly on Lizzie McGuire, anyone?). Her newest role is in the very gay comedy Bros which comes to theatres September 30.

We talk to Dot about her experiences across her long acting career and how things have changed in 30 years, especially when it comes to LGBTQ+ representation. Thirty years ago it was nearly unheard of to have an LGBTQ+ character unless they were being treated horribly or the butt of a joke. So, for Dot, getting to work on a movie like Bros which is so unapologetically gay and has pretty much an entirely gay cast and mostly gay crew is a dream experience. We personally cannot wait to see a major theatrical release that is focused entirely around gays and is actually a comedy instead of being full of sadness and tragedy for once. Plus it has Billy Eichner and when he says “Let’s go lesbians, let’s go,” we simply have to go.

In addition to talking about her acting career, we also get to chat with Dot about her impressive competitive arm wrestling career (Women’s competitive arm wrestling? Sign us all the way up!). She actually appeared in Golden Arm which is a movie about competitive female arm wrestling that stars recent guest of the pod, Mary Holland, and she performed the role in a way that reflected her real life arm wrestling experience. With the current success of shows like A League of Their Own, we think the next big television show should absolutely be a look into the secret lives of competitive women’s arm wrestlers, because there is no way there aren’t just a lot of lesbians in that scene (lesbians do need to have pretty strong arms).

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