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Lez Hang Out Podcast Ep. 621: The UltiGaytum

lez hang out season 6 episode 21 the ulti-gay-tum

Reality dating shows, for when therapy is just too expensive and you want to add a little chaos to your life. This week Leigh and Ellie hang out and process the delightfully dramatic Netflix reality dating show, The Ultimatum: Queer Love. If you haven’t been watching this show or you are not that into #realitytv, buckle up, because this is a wild ride. The premise is absolutely nuts- one person in a relationship wants to get married, the other does not for whatever reason. The solution – not couple’s therapy! Nope. The solution is apparently to split up and get involved in a three-week long trial marriage with someone from another couple in the same predicament. Then, to get back together for a three-week long trial marriage of their own. At the end of all that mess, everyone can decide to choose their original partner by getting engaged, themselves by walking away single, or their new love i.e. the person they spent three weeks with in that first trial marriage. The issue with the show is mainly the premise itself. It basically throws people into that honeymoon phase and makes them compare those feelings to the less exciting feelings they have for their long term partner. We talk about the reasons The Ultimatum is an incredibly unhinged concept, the bonkers decision to not once tell us a single one of these queer people’s pronouns, and the hate crime that was the finale. Genuinely, we were so relieved to watch the reunion, because watching that finale felt like we had stepped into an episode of Black Mirror. Ultimately, if all the show achieved was freeing Xander, it was worth every second.Follow along on Twitter and answer our Q & Gay at the end of every episode. You can also join us on Facebook and follow along on Instagram.

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