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November 15, 2018
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November 19, 2018

New Netflix Christmas Movies to Stream This Holiday Season

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Surely the Jacarandas are done with shedding off their beautiful purple leaves. And that can only tells you one thing. The holidays are almost here, this means it’s time for some hot and delicious cocoa, fireside cuddles as well as all the Christmas movies to survive the chaotic cold weather of the festive season.

As much as we can’t run away from the chaotic weather, keep in mind that there is always room for the festive cheer. And apparently, the good news is that Netflix and online betting sites are here to make sure you have a memorable Christmas cheer. The best thing to do is to make sure you grab your coziest blanket and enjoy Netflix Christmas movies this festive season.

Let It Snow

Here is the real proof that kids will not let anything even terrible snow on Christmas Eve get in their way of having a good time. This movie is based on a novel of the same name. The movie follows a group of high school seniors as they have the opportunity to answer the questions that arise during this special time in their life. And this includes who is dating who. Kind, fun and intriguing, this is a worthy movie to watch this Christmas time.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

This movie has taken cues from Meghan and Harry’s rollercoaster year. This movie on Netflix shows us what it is like to be in a fictional Netflix world. And surely to bring the royal baby in the world of Aldovea wasn’t a piece of cake. It’s not holly and jolly as someone stole a priceless artifact from the royals. And this causes a massive wave of panic to the royal family. It’s a very exciting movie that we urge you to get a copy once you are done playing best payout online casino america games.

Holiday Rush

After the death of his wife, the only way he could cope with the tragedy was to spoil his kids with everything on their Christmas wish list. However, soon after losing his job just before the holidays. He is then forced to simplify his life and find a way on what really brings his family together after the devastating turnout of events.






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