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Petitioners Ask for Rainbow Flag Emoji to Honor LGBTQ Community

It wasn’t long ago that Internet activists and celebrities alike noted the lack of racial diversity in the popular emoji keyboard. The criticism prompted key changes to the emoji keyboard in April: emojis featuring racial diversity, same-sex families and 32 new flags.

“Missing from those emoji flags is a rainbow flag to honor the LGBT community,” says Colton Price-Fiore. His Care2 petition asking the Unicode Consortium to create one has gathered over 29,000 signatures.

“The makers of emoji have done such a great job of listening to the concerns of the public and adding new emojis accordingly,” Price-Fiore told Care2. “I’m sure many Americans noticed the lack of an LGBT flag emoji during their Pride weekend celebrations, so it’d be great to have this symbol included during the next round of changes.”

The Care2 petition targets Mark Davis, President of the Unicode Consortium, the nonprofit corporation responsible for the development of emojis. The petition also targets the CEOs of Apple, Microsoft, and Google, which are among the tech companies responsible for implementing the changes on their platforms.

To learn more or to sign the petition, visit http://www.thepetitionsite.com/843/110/131/.

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