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Phasepocalypse Party Comes to the Black Cat


With the abrupt closing of Phase 1 in Eastern Market, many staff and community members have been missing their neighborhood bar, including performers of the DC Kings and DC Gurly Show, who have been performing on the Phase 1 stage for decades. While some queer women struggle to find a new space and place in the community, manager Angela Lombardi has already found a place for the meantime.

“Longtime staff members were told on a whim they were being let go. [We were told] the bar was temporarily closing and would reopen under the management of the owner with a new staff. I was told that the monthly Scandal party was also a thing of the past,” says Lombardi. “I definitely wasn’t going to let the Phase OG spirit die, so it was an easy choice to find another venue, especially when the owner of Phase said he no longer wanted to work with The DC Kings or DC Gurly Show. I was even more driven to find a location as they have been such avid supporters of the Phase and Phase staff over the last decade of my tenure at Phase.” Lombardi and the Phase 1 spirit have found a new home at the Black Cat.

Partnering with the staff and management of the Black Cat, Lombardi will present Phasepocalypse, a party hosted by Scandal DC,  which will secure a new space for performers to celebrate their identity and share their talent with the community at large.

Phasepocalypse is more than just an LBTQ party: it’s a time to come together to support the entire Phase 1 OG family, including performers, staff members, and people who have long served the women’s community. While Phase 1 plans to reopen within the next few weeks, the fates of these groups and staff members remain uncertain. Anyone who has been touched by the Phase 1 family is encouraged to attend this 18+ event.

Along with a show at 10 p.m., DJ DeeDub and DJ Lez Rage will be returning to Scandal DC’s Black Cat event.

“Scandal is a party where you can have fun and be yourself. Though D.C. is more open to the queer community than many other cities, unfortunately some people still hold their prejudices,” explains DJ DeeDub. “Scandal is a safe place where you do not have to be afraid of expressing yourself. The DC Kings and the DC Gurly Show is one example of free, artistic expression.”

Phasepocalypse takes place on Friday, February 6 at the Black Cat located at 1811 14th St. NW, Washington, D.C. Doors open at 9 p.m. with showtime at 10 p.m. Presale tickets are now available at