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Two women embracing in the Fall

Fall can be such a romantic season. The chilly air, gorgeous fall color, and cuddling up by the fire make it a perfect season to plan some fun things to do with your love. Whether you are newly dating or have years together under your belt, here are some fun date ideas.


Apple TreeVisit an apple farm

Most states have them, so just scope out the ones closest to you. Spend a beautiful autumn day together, picking your own apples from the orchard, trying out the apple cider, taking a hay ride and perusing the wares from the local arts and crafts vendors. If you live in California, I highly recommend Apple Hill. There are dozens of apple farms scattered throughout the area, and each one has a different feel. You can usually visit 3 or 4 farms in a day and fill up on all the apple things (apple donuts are a must!) There are a few wineries mingled in as well, so save some time for those before you head home.

You can extend your date at the apple orchard by staying in the next day and baking together. Use those apples you picked to make an apple pie or an apple tart or apple cookies. You see where I’m going with this…something apple. Baking together gives you a chance to chat and connect without any outside distractions. Cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie together while your goodies are baking. Even better if this just happens to fall on a rainy day!


Plan a day hike

You probably won’t have to drive far to find a place to hike and take in all the glory that is fall. Choose a nice cool day to try out a new trail in an area with lots of fall color. Take in the sights and fill the quiet with getting to know each other. Ask her questions and really listen to her answers. This is just as appreciated by a wife as it is a new girlfriend. Let her know she has your full attention…it goes a long way.


Revel in Halloween

It just so happens that Halloween happens in the fall. Take your date to a fun Halloween party your friend is hosting. You can even host one yourself. If this isn’t a brand new relationship, it could be fun to try couple’s Halloween costumes this year. Nothing says soulmates like matching or complementary costumes.


(Pumpkin) spice up your relationship

Another favorite thing about fall? Pumpkin spice lattes are here! Head out to your local coffee shop for a casual date. Treat her to her favorite baked good or, even better, get two different ones and share. Just sit and relax and chat over your hot beverage of choice.


Who doesn’t love a good bonfire?

If you live near a beach that allows bonfires, it’s an extra fabulous date idea. But honestly, a fire pit in the backyard works just as well.   Open her favorite bottle of wine, cozy up under a blanket, and snuggle while you stare at the fire or stargaze. And if you have a sweet tooth, s’mores aren’t just for summertime. Stock up on marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers and, enjoy! Don’t forget the roasting sticks!


Visit a pumpkin patch

Grab some lunch there and then pick out a few pumpkins to take home. Once you get home, carve them together, and roast the seeds to enjoy later while watching a movie or playing a board game.


Plan a surprise picnic at your local park

Get to know her favorite foods, make a list, and then go shopping. Check the weather to make sure it’s a good day for a picnic, pack your basket and a blanket, and take her to or meet her at a park. (Bonus points if you have it all set up ahead of time. You can enlist a friend to help with that part.) She’ll light up about the time and effort you put in, and will love the nice relaxing date with all her favorite foods. Take along a Frisbee or kite for something different to do after lunch.

There are so many date ideas, and it truly doesn’t matter what you do. Just go out and enjoy that fall weather together!






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