A woman in lingerie holds her handcuffed hands over her torso.
Professional Rivals: Part 4
April 6, 2024
Various adult toys are laid out on a white sheet. They include a mask, cuffs, and a tawse for whipping.
Professional Rivals: Part 2
April 6, 2024
A hand grips a sheet in a somewhat sexual way. Off to the side of the image, we can see a bit of the person gripping's hair.

Note to readers: this is part of Tagg After Dark, an erotica collection exclusively for readers 18+.

This is Part 3. If you missed parts one and two, go back and read them first.


We negotiate quickly. Funnily enough, we don’t fight while we work out the details.

Red strips off their gray suit pants and drapes themselves over Nika’s lap; I do a very good job of not drooling over their pert ass, clad in light blue briefs, and stay seated on the other bed, just within striking distance. Nika threads copper-taloned fingers through Red’s hair; their strands and her nails are nearly the same shade. Red shudders a little when she gives them a test tug; they flash a thumbs up, and Nika’s smile is both broad and mean. It looks good on her.

We agree on five firm strikes, so they can get a taste for it. It takes three strikes before Red is biting their cheek, their ass switching subtly from side to side.

I pause, thumbing the ridged silicone of the tawse. Sure, we agreed on a number of hits, but I never said I wouldn’t make them ask me nicely for them.

The silence draws out until they speak. “I…” Red swallows and licks their lips. “Katz, please—” 

“No. Say my name,” I order.

“Maddox,” Red gasps, hands fisting into the bed, “please.”

The sound of my name, my real name, my first name, in their reverent, cracking voice sends an electric pulse of need up my spine. “Good, Red,” I approve and hit them again.

Red moans,“Thank you.” Nika makes a small, soft noise in response, one that dies nearly as soon as I hear it. She’s unbuttoned a few buttons on her blouse—I don’t blame her, I’m feeling a little heated myself —and I watch her chest rise and fall with her quickening breath.

“See something you like, Nika?”

She tightens her grip on Red’s hair, forcing their head back so they’re looking up at her with a half-parted mouth and wide eyes. “You know, Maddox, I think I do.” She traces a stiletto fingernail down their jaw, and Red’s eyes flutter. (So does the familiar tension coiling around my guts.) 

“You’re handsome, Red. Much more so when you’re not running that fucking mouth.” She releases the tension on their neck, and their head flops down like a puppet with the strings cut.

“So we do agree on something,” I remark and give Red the last blow. It’s a little extra hard because I am nothing if not a generous impact top, and I relish the way their ass arches into the strike instead of away from it. 

“Fuck,” they gasp, and their thighs twitch. When they part again, a thin line of dark blue runs down the center of their briefs.

“Oh, you filthy thing,” I mutter, before I can catch myself.

Nika, curious, leans over and laughs with delight. “God, really? Through your briefs? How desperate can you possibly be?” Red makes a noise like a dog left out in the rain.

“Seriously. If I knew you were this much of a pervert, I might have respected you more,” I remark. 

“Just shut up and fuck me about it.” Red’s voice is hoarse and breathy, more a whisper than anything else.



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Devon Illman
Devon Illman
Devon Illman (she/hyr) writes lesbian erotica that celebrates consent, kink, and the infinite possibilities of erotic expression. Hyr work often explores butch4butch and butch4femme dynamics, disability in sex and kink, and the many ways survivors navigate desire.