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Baltimore welcomes back the ladies of comedy

On March 6, national headliner Poppy Champlin is bringing her comedy troupe to Magooby’s Joke House in Timonium, MD. The Queer Queens of Qomedy show (Q3) has been touring for 11 years across the country with a variety of queer women comedians. The first show sold over 450 tickets at The Birchmere Music Hall in Arlington, VA, and the rest was history.

Champlin is known to tour with hilarious comics like Mimi Gonzalez and Karen Williams, who will be performing at the March 6 show. Gonzalez is a Latina comic that has appeared on LOGO and The Today Show. Williams is known for her LOGO comedy special “I Need a Snack.” She currently is focusing on “healing with humor” at her HaHa Institute in Ohio. In addition to the funny ladies, local folk-rock musician Angelique Henle will be opening up the show.

“The show is going to be like a comedy festival with Mimi, Karen and myself. It is super strong show, [like] a mini Mich fest or an Olivia cruise on land – you don’t get this much talent in one place except on one of those trips – so it’s special, and with Angelique opening this is going to be a huge night of talent and fun,” says Champlin.

These powerhouse comics boast an impressive résumé of talent. They have graced the stages of Comedy Central, LOGO, The Latino Laugh Festival, Provincetown, Olivia Cruises, VH-1, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and The Today Show, just to name a few.

Queer Queens of Qomedy ShowThe three comedians agree that they love doing stand-up because they love to make people laugh. Champlin says the sound of laughter is “so delicious and sometimes it makes my hair stand up. Maybe that is why it is called stand-up.”

Gonzalez says, “When I converted from Catholicism to comedy it was the holy trinity of Lucy, Carol and Lily who showed me the way of laughter. I was, like so many of us, the class clown and always in trouble for talking in class and cracking jokes. Then I got a degree in Journalism and that turned out to be a laughable exercise in objectivity. I always wanted creative writing though, and now it turns out to be the same.”

The Queer Queens of Qomedy Show is March 6 at 5 p.m. at Magooby’s Joke House located at 9603 Deereco Road, Timonium, MD. Tickets are $25 for general admission and $40 for VIP, which includes a meet and greet with the comedians, preferred seating, and a wine and cheese reception prior to the show. Partial proceeds from the show will benefit the Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Baltimore.

“I want the people to know that I appreciate them coming and supporting us – cause we are not going to stop doing comedy. We can’t, we don’t have a retirement plan,” says Champlin.

After the Baltimore show, Champlin and her crew continue their tour in Michigan for the LGBT Comedy Festival on March 12 and Women’s Fest in Rehoboth Beach, DE on April 8 and 9, 2016. Gonzalez and Williams are both set to join Olivia Travel for their Olivia Cancun Resort trip in May. For more information on the Queer Queens of Qomedy, visit www.poppychamplin.com.

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Eboné Bell
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