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QueerGirl Launches Pop-Up Party for New LGBTQIA+ Generation

Four queer women pose in front of a QueerGirl backdrop

Photo Credit: QueerGirl

Queer acceptance is more widespread in America than ever, yet lesbians in LGBTQIA+ communities across the country continue to watch their historical bars and nightclubs close down. In fact, since San Francisco’s Lexington Club closed its doors in April 2015, San Diego’s Gossip Grill remains as the last lesbian-owned bar in California.


To fight back the pervasive “disappearing lesbian” trend, Genevieve Greschler and Deborah Masliah launched QueerGirl, a San Diegobased company that hosts events geared toward queer women and inclusive of the LGBTQIA+ spectrum.

QueerGirl party

Photo Credit: QueerGirl

“We are inclusive of all ages, races, religions, sexualities, and gender expressions,” Greschler says. “Our goal is to create a safe space where queer women feel comfortable and, at the same time, create high-energy and exciting events.”

QueerGirl also aims to help define and cater to the younger generation of lesbians by showcasing DJs, talent, sponsors, hosts, and influencers relevant to the millennial lesbian community.  To do so, QueerGirl plans to host pop-up parties monthly at various night clubs throughout San Diego’s historical gay Hillcrest neighborhood for women to gather and meet other women.

Ladies posing, with QueerGirl shirts

Photo Credit: QueerGirl

“There is definitely a huge change from the older generation of lesbians to the younger generation,” says Greschler. “Everything from styles, known influencers, and choice of music has shifted. While we are inclusive of all ages at our events, we do try and focus on capturing this shift for the younger generation.”

QueerGirl’s August launch party at Uptown Tavern, hosted by Instagram influencer Bobbi Stalnaker, proved to be a huge success, reaching full capacity and drawing attendees from across San Diego and Los Angeles. The party included headlining DJ Heabnasty, go-go performers, beer-pong competitions, and a round of “Pin the Dildo on the Donkey.”

Ladies with Rainbow flag

Photo Credit: QueerGirl

“Overall, we essentially want to be a forward-thinking queer-female event company,” Greschler says. “We want to throw events that capture the shift and feel of the newer generation of queer-female individuals.”

In an effort to give back to the LGBTQIA+ community, QueerGirl donates five percent of its profits to the Happy Hippie Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded by Miley Cyrus, to help fight injustice faced by homeless youth, LGBTQ youth, and other vulnerable populations.

QueerGirl’s next party will be hosted by Whitney Mixter at Rich’s in San Diego on October 15. DJ Von Kiss will be headlining the decks, along with support from San Diegobased DJs Heabnasty and KinkyLoops. The party will also include beer-pong tournaments, jenga, and a “twerk off” contest hosted by Mixter. Los Angelesbased clothing company The Midnight Collective will be a vendor at the event.

General Admission tickets are still available for $18 at