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Reesa Renee Aspires to Inspire Through Music

Artist Reesa Renee
Artist Reesa Renee

Photo by Sheri Angeles

Hot on the local music scene is Reesa Renee, a soulful R&B singer and lyrical poet whose musical talents have been showcased alongside performers like Chuck Brown, Raheem DeVaughn, Eric Roberson, and Wale. Renee launched her solo career in 2011, becoming the second person to win the prestigious Amateur Night at the Apollo in the last three years with an original song. Instead of singing a cover, Renee won with her “Got Me Loose” song.

“Growing up, I was more of an athlete. I loved and enjoyed music but I never really thought I’d be doing it as a career,” Renee explains. “After a life-altering incident, music became that thing that helped my life continue to flow.”

For Renee, music was a source of strength and comfort; two qualities that translate well into her soulful ballads. “My song ‘Invisible’ is basically about that key point in my life,” says Renee.

Renee’s music inspires the message of acceptance and individuality, encouraging people to push through societal definitions of the norm. “We all struggle with our identity and try to figure out how to be comfortable in it.”

This largely celebrated independent artist doesn’t believe you have to follow the standard cookie cutter life plan of college, internship, and career to find success.

“Going off on my own gut feeling in life and finding success is what I hope my audience sees. Anyone can follow their dreams,” she says.

Photo by Sabrina Vaz

Photo by Sabrina Vaz

Armed with her determination and spirit, Renee uses her music and life experience to buck the standard image of women. “We all beat ourselves up for not following the formula, and I don’t believe that people should have to sacrifice their happiness based upon a system that works for someone else,” she explains.

Not only has Renee followed her own path in the music industry, but also she has thrived, blazing a trail of soulful sounds reminiscent of the jazz age, intermingled with musical harmonies of today’s modern R&B beats.

Her start in the industry was very organic. “I had a buddy who did music and was playing on the piano. I jumped up and started singing with him and ‘Got Me Loose’ just happened. I wrote it right there on the spot.”

From there, Renee started working with her brother, who produces her music, and they began seriously recording in 2011. After releasing her first album Reelese, Renee has been performing, entertaining, and working on her craft.

“I just want to be human and connect. I try to be inspirational; a mouthpiece for people who can’t speak or who don’t have the words—that’s the epitome of soul music.”

Reesa Renee will be announcing some big moves soon. To keep up with her and her music, follow her on Instagram and Twitter @reesarenee or online at