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As spring blossoms, a playlist that celebrates the season’s vibrant energy through the lens of queer music is the perfect companion for all the changes the season may bring.

Spring signifies renewal and growth, making it the ideal time to listen to tracks that mirror this newfound vitality.

This playlist features fifteen tracks by beloved sapphic and queer artists. As the weather warms and flowers bloom, let the spirited energy of these voices accompany you in celebrating the arrival of spring. Discover new favorites and rejoice in the season’s transformation with this lively soundtrack.


1. Chappell Roan – “Good Luck, Babe!”

Chappell Roan’s rising popularity is well-deserved, especially evident in her latest release, “Good Luck, Babe!” which captures the nuances of heteronormative society, best captured by the line below.

Best lyric:You’d have to stop the world just to stop the feeling


2. Girl in red – “bad idea!”

Leave all those bad ideas in the winter as you enter and fully embrace spring and new beginnings.

Best lyric: “It was a bad idea / Calling you up / Was such a bad idea / I’m totally fucked”


3. Maddie Zahm – “Little me”

Spring can be a time to slow down and take a deep breath. This track explores vulnerability in a way that may offer healing and growth.

Best lyric: “I compare your “I love yous,”, she panics if one’s not as hard (panics if one’s not as hard)”


4. Gia Woods – “Lesbionic”

Sapphic love and self-love seamlessly intertwine in this vibrant, seductive pop anthem.

Best lyric: It’s so erotic, lesbionic / I know the way to blow your mind / My lips, my body, my hips, so naughty / You stare, you want it, you’re there, so watch me”


5. Miley Cyrus – “Flowers”

Just in case you need that extra reminder, you most definitely can buy yourself flowers.

Best lyric: “I can take myself dancing / And I can hold my own hand / Yeah, I can love me better than you can”


6. Holly Humberstone & Muna – “Into Your Room”

Celebrate the lengths sapphics go for love with this track.Best lyric: “Without you, my soul is eternally doomed /  You’re the center of this universe / My sorry ass revolves around you”


7. Wet Leg – “Being in Love”

Winter might have left you feeling like love is just a glorified, uninspiring notion. This tune nods along in agreement.

Best lyric: “I tried to meditate /  But I just medicate / Pour me another drink /  Don’t wanna have to think / I think I lost my shit / Some kind of fucked up trip / But I kinda like it / ‘Cause it feels like being in love”


8. Brandi Carlile – “Broken Horses”

Liberate yourself from the past with the help of this country-rock song.

Best lyric: “I have whispered through the tears and pleaded sweetly to your face / It is time to spit you out like lukewarm water from my mouth / I will always taste the apathy, but I won’t pass it down / It dies with you”


9. The Beaches – “Edge of the Earth”

This fiery track captures the heat and intensity of sapphic relationships.

Best lyric: “She’s a fire sign / And I don’t really know what that means / I’m a cold night / And I wanna be close to the heat”


10. WILLOW – “Hover like a GODDESS”

Connect and honor the goddess within you and those around you this spring with this alt-track by WILLOW.

Best lyric: “To taste you is sweet, my heart is in pieces / When I walk, you fuckin’ hover like a goddess”


11. chloe moriondo – “Fruity” 

This peppy, energetic queer anthem is packed with delicious lyrical genius.

Best lyric: “Blueberry kisses still taste twice as sweet / Hot rush lemonade with the orange trees / Super cutie, fresh and fruity”


12. Lisa – Young Miko

Enjoy the sultry beats of queer Puerto Rican rapper Young Miko as you welcome the warmth of spring.

Best lyric: “Es que rápido me enchulo de las nena’ (muah) / Si me hablan lindo, yo me caso sin dilema (ajá) / Y me las como desayuno, almuerzo y cena”
Translated as: “It’s just that I quickly get hooked on girls’ (muah) / If they talk nice to me, I’ll get married without dilemma (aha) / And I eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner”


13. Xana – “Kitchen Light”

Emerging queer pop queen Xana tells the story of love and heartbreak inon this catchy tune.

Best lyric: “And I think she might be the love of my life / But how we ever gonna know if we keep it on the low”


14. Brittany Howard – “Earth Signs”

Allow these soul-stirring melodies and Brittany Howard’s angelic vocals to act as a gentle reminder that love is out there.

Best lyric: Out there / There’s a love waiting for me / I can feel / I can’t see”


15. Maude Latour – “Lola”

“Lola” illuminates the magic of queer relationships, celebrating both the platonic and romantic.

Best lyric: So I watch you do your magic / You’re so cool, so charismatic / Supernova, sip your soda / Yeah, I really think I love you, Lola”


You can listen to the playlist on Spotify here and Apple Music here




Sylvia Miller
Sylvia Miller
Sylvia Miller is a freelance journalist and student at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, where she majors in Political Science and is an arts writer at the student-run newspaper, The Daily Cardinal. She is currently based in Chicago and Madison. You can find her at @sylvia__miller on Twitter.