Brazilian Lesbian Multi-Award Winning SEPTO Premieres on Revry

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Brazilian Lesbian Multi-Award Winning SEPTO Premieres on Revry

Scene from SEPTO

On December 7, the Brazilian Multi-Award winning LGBTQ series SEPTO premiered as a Revry Original Series on the LGBTQ streaming network. SEPTO dives deep in this dreamy Brazilian coastal drama where a young promising Olympian finds herself, independence, and love.

Coming from the most discriminated area in the northeast of Brazil, Creator/Star, Alice Carvalho was honored to represent her community by winning multiple festivals in Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, and the Trofeu Cultura RN. SEPTO then went on to represent Brazil in festivals internationally including Asia, Germany and the United States. It became the first audiovisual production from the northeast of Brazil to receive prominence in Hollywood by receiving an award at the international Out Web Fest in Hollywood.

“From the region we came from, it is not common to dream so high,” says Carvalho. “In addition to the discrimination of race, gender and sexual orientation, we also face daily a kind of xenophobia against the culture produced in the northeast of the country. How to dream so high living so far in a country so full of discrimination and having only two reais in the pocket? This release of SEPTO on Revry is the reflection of approval in a global seal. As a whole, it legitimizes and boosts Brazil’s anti-homophobia speech as well as reaffirms the importance and quality of Latin American shows such as ours.”

“We were so thrilled to champion Alice’s wonderful series and bring a global spotlight to her creative voice,” says Revry’s CEO Damian Pelliccione. “She is innovative and daring, not only in her work, but in her life – she is a great success story and deserves to be known and tell the stories that so many can relate to, but are rarely seen – especially from where she comes from.”










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