Sexy Lesbian Drama “Below Her Mouth” Hits U.S. Theaters in April

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Erika Linder and Natalie Krill star in the Canadian lesbian indie drama "Below Her Mouth." (Photo: Serendipity Point Films, Inc.)

On April 28, movie enthusiasts can sit back and watch the story of two women who find an unexpected romance and fall love in Below Her Mouth.

The Canadian movie, stars androgynous, Swedish model Erika Linder and actress Natalie Krill as Dallas, a former roofer, and Jasmine, a fashion editor, as they embark on a passionate weekend affair.

Below Her Mouth was written, directed, and even shot by an all-female crew, a rarity in the film industry.

In making the film, director April Mullen and producer Melissa Coghlan wanted to do something different. Recognizing that love scenes between women are always depicted in cinema through the eyes of men, Mullen wanted to give audiences “a true, honest, simple female perspective of what women do together… and what people do when they are falling in love through the eyes of a woman,” she told The Toronto Star.

“I’m just hoping the world is ready for this story,” said Stephanie Fabrizi, the screenwriter. “It’s brave and it’s bold and it’s told in away that I believe is unconventional.”

“Below Her Mouth” will be screened in select theaters around the country. Check out the trailer for this sizzler below:


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