Has Social Media Become An Addiction?

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October 15, 2018
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October 17, 2018

Has Social Media Become An Addiction?

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We all have embraced social media. It has become the center of our lives. Think of tools that have been given to you on a silver spoon to make your life worthwhile. Tools that make it way easier to talk to your loved ones that are across the globe, play games with them and even instantly video call them no matter how far away they are. You can see what they have been up to, more like sharing moments that you could never imagine of sharing with them.

Social media an addictive drug

It has become an addictive drug? There is absolutely nothing wrong in showing people what you have been going through, the order of the day. But what people seem to forget is that there is no age restriction on these social media platforms. Children are now being exposed to some things that are not appropriate. However on there are industries such as gambling that have age restriction when it comes to social media, make sure your kids go to the right page or best internet casino is not exposing them to bad things that.

And we can safely say that because they have no one watching them, or to restrict their viewing on social media they have taken it to be a hobby. Gone are the days when hockey, tennis or even golf was a hobby. But sadly that is not the only reason as to why social media has become addictive.

Cyberbullying apparently has become a thing now. And people are being shamed on social media. And the rest of the world has decided not to do anything about it, but rather sit back and laugh whilst this takes place.

We really wonder what mankind has come to. Women shaming other women, man-shaming women and all sorts of other activities that are slowly dissolving what we as humans stand for. Family time has been replaced with social media. And, as much as we think that social media was a good idea to start off with, people have made it seem otherwise.

We still stand for social media and what it originally stood for, which is connectivity throughout the world. People can learn one or two things which can improve the world. However, social media can learn from online gambling which has some form of regulation.







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