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Add These Four to Your Summer List

Remember last summer? A year of canceled Prides and shuttered movie theaters, where brunches with friends seemed like forever ago? If you are anything like us, television, films, and books probably got you through the stress of 2020. Things are certainly looking up this year, but as we still face another mostly virtual season, there is some exciting entertainment heading our way to cushion the blow of another bummer summer.

“Pose” is back for a third and final season.

The critically acclaimed trans and 80s ballroom culture-focused series created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Steven Canals will be ending after this season, much to fans’ disappointment. Knowing the killer writing team and cast of “Pose,” however, it’s bound to go out with a bang. Tune in to see what happens with Pray Tell, Blanca, Angel, and the whole Pose family starting on May 2 on FX.

Get hyped for the 17th Annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival.

Film fests had to pivot to digital in 2020, and that’s actually great news for film fans. It has opened up a world of accessibility that film fests, which are often hyper-local, had not had before. Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project (QWOCMAP) has been going strong for nearly two decades and this year’s theme is Molten Connections, which according to the fest, “forges new relationships, awakens steadfast bonds of diaspora, and sparks a metamorphosis of love that withstands time.” This June 11 – 13, you’ll be able to catch twenty films that center on the QWOC experience. Follow the fest for lineup announcements and how you can participate. Oh, and it’s free!

Horror fans, grab your popcorn and rent lesbian slasher, “The Retreat.”

The slasher genre has seldom featured queer women, but “The Retreat” is getting ready to change that. Out gay director Pat Mills and writer Alyson Richards team up to bring viewers the story of a lesbian couple who arrive at a friend’s pre-wedding retreat only to find out they are in the sights of a group of serial killers. The couple must find the strength in themselves and their relationship to fight back and escape. Sounds like a bloody good time. Catch “The Retreat” on digital and On Demand beginning May 21.

YA novel Hani and Ishu’s Guide to Fake Dating is destined to be your beach read.

Who doesn’t love a good “fake-dating” story? It’s a common trope in queer romance for a reason! Author Adiba Jaigirdar (The Henna Wars) brings readers the sweet tale of Humaira “Hani” Khan, a UK high school student struggling to prove her bisexuality to her friends who doubt her because she’s only ever had boyfriends. Enter Ishita “Ishu” Dey, who agrees to pretend to be Hani’s girlfriend on the condition that Hani helps her become Head Girl. Well, as you guessed it, things start getting real when Hani realizes she has genuine feelings for her fake girlfriend. Available May 25 in the United States.



Dana Piccoli
Dana Piccoli
Dana Piccoli is the editor of News Is Out. She's also a writer and critic with a focus on LGBTQ+ culture.