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July 6, 2023
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July 15, 2023
hayley kiyoko music video with roses

Hayley Kiyoko's "for the girls" video

Experience the ultimate gay girl summer with a handcrafted playlist featuring 15 tracks that celebrate the talent of queer women and non-binary artists. Get ready to sing, scream, and cry your heart out all summer long.

While Pride month may have come to an end, the luscious sapphic vibes are here to stay. And what better time than summer to indulge in the power of sapphic lyrics? With the sun shining and the heat soaring, it’s the perfect season to rock out to music that resonates with your queer experience.

We know that finding sapphic artists can be a challenge, but fear not! We’ve curated the ultimate upbeat and relatable queer playlist to accompany you through all your summer occasions. Whether you’re getting ready for a night out at the club, setting the mood for a special event, or simply strolling to your favorite coffee spot, these vibrant tracks are guaranteed to enhance and elevate your queer summer.


Like Heaven – Zolita

Best Lyric: “I know I’m headed for hell but / It feels like heaven with you”


for the girls – Hayley Kiyoko

Best Lyric: “Take a dip (take a dip), join the fun (join the fun) / Just as long as you know that / Summer’s for the girls, the girls that like girls”


Photo ID – Remi Wolf & Dominic Fike

Best Lyric: “I lost ’em in the street / And no, I can’t see without you / Billie and Badu / I’ll follow you into any room / ‘Cause I can’t hear without you”


Bitch Back (feat. FLETCHER) – Olivia O’Brien

Best Lyric: “And in a couple months we’re gonna look at this and laugh / Like “Remember Ibiza, ’cause I don’t either”, but I know we had a fucking blast”


Phenomenal (feat Doechii) – Janelle Monáe

Best Lyric: “I’m lookin’ at a thousand versions of myself / And we’re all fine as fuck”


Cherry – FLETCHER & Hayley Kiyoko

Best Lyric: “Your lips when you bite ’em like this / And I’m blushing real hard, got me moving my hips / You’re across from me / And it’s hard to breathe”


Pink Pony Club – Chappell Roan

Best Lyric: “But I can’t ignore the crazy visions of me in LA / And I heard that there’s a special place / Where boys and girls can all be queens every single day”


Too Well – Reneé Rapp

Best Lyric: “First time in six months, I don’t hate you as much / You weren’t there in my dreams, I could finally sleep”


<maybe> it’s my fault – WILLOW

Best Lyric: “Met her at a party, I said she seems nice / Every time I thought about it, I got butterflies”


F&MU – Kehlani

Best Lyric: “‘I hate you’, turns into / ‘I love you’, in the bedroom”


Call Your Girlfriend – Robyn

Best Lyric: “Don’t you even try and explain / How it’s so different when we kiss / You just tell her that the only way her heart will mend / Is when she learns to love again”


Worms – Ashnikko

Best Lyric: “Play my life like a video game / I don’t mind, I’m driving through flames / And I’m riding through the desert with the sword on my back”


Gay Girls – Pillow Queens

Best Lyric: “Tell me where to find you when I lose my way”


4EVER – Clairo

Best Lyric: “Hold you tight, squeeze you right, give you all I’ve got / See you in the morning, over coffee, we’ll talk, oh”


B.I.G. – Caitlyn Scarlett 

Best Lyric: “Fast forward to the sound of you banging on your walls / Trying to get your neighbors to turn my album down”


Embrace the joy of a gay girl summer like never before with these tracks here on Spotify and here on Apple Music.



Sylvia Miller
Sylvia Miller
Sylvia Miller is a freelance journalist and student at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, where she majors in Political Science and is an arts writer at the student-run newspaper, The Daily Cardinal. She is currently based in Chicago and Madison. You can find her at @sylvia__miller on Twitter.