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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work! How to Get Along with Coworkers

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More and more companies are trying open-plan offices in an attempt to promote better communication in the workplace. There are no walls, no cubicles, and no privacy, yet employees show a decline in productivity and happiness.

Companies are missing out a crucial detail: not everyone will get along, no matter what the office looks like. You’ll click with some people, and barely say a word with others.

Different people have different perspectives, personalities, and ways of doing things, and it’s not always easy to be a good team player. Luckily, there are ways you can handle unpleasant situations and turn them around.

Keep reading to learn how to get along with coworkers and stay away from office drama.

Engage in Meaningful Conversations

You might be someone who doesn’t like small talk, but sometimes this is necessary at work. Or, you might love small talk and not get into too many personal details when talking to people. Either way, in learning how to be a good coworker, you just need to engage in the conversation you’re in.

Be a good, active listener, don’t interrupt people, and be kind and polite, even when you disagree. Express your opinion to meetings and team sessions, but appreciate other people’s ideas and suggestions as well.

Communicate Your Boundaries Clearly

The best way to avoid unpleasant conversations, rude people, and even bullying is to state your boundaries clearly. This doesn’t have to be out loud, you can show people how far they’re allowed to go through your behavior.

Getting along with coworkers isn’t always a walk in the park and takes time and effort. But if you teach people about your boundaries, they’ll learn to respect them.

Bond Outside the Workplace

One of the best ways to get to know people is outside the office, in a social setting where you can talk about life-related stuff. This is an opportunity to learn about different personalities, and how to be respectful of them. Who knows, you may even make a few friends!

For example, go out for drinks after work, go to the movies together, or book an Escape Room to work on your problem-solving activities as a team. You’ll discover how people’s personalities shine when they’re not under pressure or stress at work.

Stay Away from Drama

If you want to have good coworkers, be a good coworker. Show everyone what it means to be a real team player, demonstrate focus and productivity, and stay away from drama.

When you don’t engage in office gossip, badmouth your boss, or participate in plotting, people will either leave you alone or start changing their behavior as well.

Now You Know How to Get Along with Coworkers!

Now that you know how to get along with coworkers, it’s time to implement these tips in real life. Use them to find common ground with everyone and you’ll thrive in your working environment.

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