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July 11, 2017
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July 12, 2017

How Tech Has Changed the Way We Organize Charity Events

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When you think charity events and nonprofits, does tech usually come to mind?

Technology has been integrated into our lives in so many ways: from how we communicate to even how we buy our shopping. Eventually it was bound to make its way into the charity sector. Nowadays, there are a vast array of services which make organizing and running charity events that little bit easier.

Let’s talk about how technology can be harnessed to improve the funding capabilities for the charity sector when organizing an event and how you can take advantage of certain tech to make your life a little easier.

Online donation platforms take off the pressure

Collecting money for your fun run or charity bake-off is always a nightmare. All the cash to handle, sort and send off – it can be a time-consuming nightmare. However, in today’s digital age, we have the power of the internet, and websites that specialize in collecting money online for your charity event have increased in popularity, increased the amount of money raised.

Organizing masses of people is now a whole lot easier

Remember the days when everything from applications to tickets to donations was done through the mail? Now we have the power of social media to help. Simply set up a group for your event, invite anybody who may be interested, and provide updates regularly.

Communication between groups is now painless with apps like Whatsapp or Facebook messenger. You can create groups for your sub-teams, allowing you to co-ordinate efforts across multiple areas. Of course, this is only relevant if you’re organizing a larger charity event, but again, it’s a big change to how we used to operate.

Rewarding people for their efforts is plain and simple

From medals to certificates, awarding prizes to your participants used to be a rather tricky affair. When it came to designing and distributing certificates, it was almost too much effort. First you had to pay a designer, then a printer, and finally a distributor. Nowadays, with a professional certificate maker, you can design amazing-looking documents and print them at home. All you need now is someone to hand them out at the end.

Day-of payments are so much easier

With so many people using and wearing and IoT devices on their wrists, your attendees can donate on the day using secure wireless technology much like the contactless cards that are an extremely popular way of paying for other types of expenditure.

Of course, bucket collectors will still have a place at charity events, but as technology continues to develop, we’ll be able to collect money more quickly and safely than ever before without the need to count and transport large amounts of change.

It’s undeniable that technology has changed the way the charity sector operates. The world is always changing though, and who knows what next big leap we’ll take. Whatever it is, it sure is exciting.