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The CooLots Seek to Open Doors

The Coolots

After the success of their 2014 EP, the CooLots are back with their newest release, Doors. Comprised of five members, the band describes themselves as a rock and soul fusion. However, their music also offers funk, go-go, hip-hop, and blues influences.

“It’s so hard to believe it’s been two years already! All of our personal growth sustained as people, artists and activists over this time has lent itself as creative fuel. And so we’re ready to embark on a new journey – we open it with Doors,” the CooLots explain.

Each band member represents a puzzle piece to one big eclectic musical puzzle. AwesomeRita is a vocalist and bassist, BoomCLAK plays drums, Crys is known for vocals and keys, Dappho is a vocalist/flow-er and bassist, and Huggie also provides vocals along with electric guitar. According to the group, in the song Doors, AwesomeRita’s “bassline bellows with frustration while BoomCLAK’s back beat keeps the cool.”

It’s clear that the new song expresses oppression and the issues of social inequality and injustice. Crys’ verse is specifically written in response to the Sandra Bland case. But ultimately, there is a sense of hope carried throughout the song.

“With all of the injustice in our own backyards, across the country and the world in the last 24 months, the anthemic Doors is the cry amidst the struggle with the constant hope of change that only we can affect,” says the group.

The CooLots’ performance schedule varies each month across the D.C. metropolitan area. They also continue to grace the stages of Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and New York City. On March 5, the band is scheduled to perform at 3 p.m. at the Martin Luther King Jr. Library in Washington, D.C. Band information and schedule can be found at http://www.thecoolots.com/.

Click the link below to listen to their latest featured song.

The Coolots - Doors


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