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"A Secret Love" on Netflix

"A Secret Love" on Netflix

Last month, Tagg Magazine brought you 10 Things For Your Listening, Reading and Viewing Pleasure During Queerantine. It seems like quarantine is going to last a little longer, but have no fear – there’s definitely no shortage of amazing queer media to consume. Here are my favorite books, movies, television shows, and music for the month of May.


1. Homecoming

"Homecoming" on Amazon

“Homecoming” on Amazon

In December 2018, I binge-watched all ten episodes of Amazon Prime’s Homecoming. Based on a podcast of the same name, this psychological thriller follows Heidi Bergman (Julia Roberts), a social worker employed to help soldiers transition to civilian life. While the first season didn’t have any LGBTQ characters, the second season, out May 22, stars Janelle Monáe, who plays a queer character.


2. Save Yourself

Cameron Esposito

Cameron Esposito (Wesley HittGettyTogether Live)

After watching both seasons of Cameron’s Esposito’s semi-autobiographical TV show last month, I jumped at the chance to read her first book, Save Yourself. Referenced by Esposito as “the dyke’s tale my younger self needed to read,” this memoir explores her religious upbringing and coming out experience with a whole lot of heart and Esposito’s signature humor.


3. Jagged Little Pill

Lauren Patten from Jagged Little Pill

Lauren Patten (Photo by Matthew Murphy)

Before Broadway closed due to COVID-19, I was lucky enough to see Jagged Little Pill. This Broadway musical features the music of superstar Alanis Morisette and tackles many serious issues including sexual assault, addiction, depression, and sexuality. Personally, out actress Lauren Patten’s performance of “You Oughta Know” was a highlight for me. While you can’t see the show, you can listen to the cast album, which is a perfect mix of angst and melancholy for these uncertain times.


4. Vida

Vida (STARZ)

“Vida” on STARZ

Last year’s winner of the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Comedy, Vida follows two Mexican-American sisters as they deal with the death of their mother and open a gay bar in their hometown. The show’s third and final season premiered April 26 on Starz, and is one of the queerest, most diverse shows I’ve seen in a long time.


5. The Half Of It

Scene from The Half of It

“The Half Of It” (KC Bailey, Netflix)

You may know Alice Wu from her lesbian flick Saving Face, but after May 1, you might have a new favorite project of hers. Premiering on Netflix, Wu’s coming-of-age film, The Half Of It, follows straight-A student Ellie Chu, who agrees to write love letters for a high school jock to the girl she also loves. Sounds like the queer teen romance I never had, but always wanted.


6. Maple St.

Maple Street

Maple St. (Photo by Emma Wahlstrom)

Sometimes, Instagram ads really get it right. Last month, I discovered the queer alt-pop duo Maple St., whose latest song “Rockstar” dropped on April 23. Self-described as a mix between ARIZONA and Tessa Violet, this real-life couple is sure to make you swoon.


7. How to Get Away With Murder

Tegan and Annalise from "How to Get Away With Murder"

Tegan and Annalise from “How to Get Away With Murder” (ABC)

After six seasons and more murders than I can even remember, ABC’s How to Get Away With Murder will end on May 14. In the show, Viola Davis has made history as Annalise Keating, a black bisexual lawyer, who morphed into a complex and unlikeable heroine. For the last few seasons, there’s been bubbling chemistry between her and attorney Tegan Price. But are they the end game? Only time will tell.

8. A Secret Love

"A Secret Love" on Netflix

“A Secret Love” on Netflix

One of two queer Ryan Murphy projects launching on Netflix this spring, A Secret Love is a documentary about a lesbian couple, Pat Henschel and Terry Donahue, who kept their relationship a secret for more than six decades. Their 72-year romance has some epic moments, including a connection to A League of Their Own, as Donahue played for the baseball team that inspired the film. But prepare yourself: there will be tears.


9. Never Have I Ever

Scene from "Never Have I Ever" (

Scene from “Never Have I Ever” (Lara Solanki, Netflix)

Reminiscent of Booksmart but much more diverse, Mindy Kaling’s latest TV show, Never Have I Ever, is a real showstopper. This Netflix comedy follows a first-generation Indian-American teenager on her quest for a boyfriend and is supplemented by a beautiful queer coming out story. And fun fact: the show was filmed on Desperate Housewives’ Wisteria Lane—and I’m still not over it.


10. Be Steadwell

Be Steadwell

Be Steadwell (Photo: Be Steady Facebook)

Released April 6, Be Steadwell’s most recent EP, Succulent, is a musical masterpiece best described by the lyrics it starts with: “the diary of a sensitive fuccboi.” The six-song project is bookended by two bangers I can’t wait to dance to at my local gay bar once queerantine is over.



Becca Damante
Becca Damante
Becca is a Smith college graduate with a B.A. in Women and Gender Studies and an Archives concentration. She has worked and written for non-profits organizations such as Media Matters for America, The Century Foundation, and GLAAD, and loves to write about the intersections between pop culture, politics, and social justice. You can find her at @beccadamante on Twitter.