Coven DC 2016
Photos: Coven DC
July 13, 2016
A Salute to the Lezbros, Tagg Magazine
Feature: Lezbros Stand For Pride, Progress, and Peace
July 15, 2016
Tinder Across America

What is Tinder Across America?
What started out as a joke amongst friends has now morphed into a story sure to engage and create connections and fun across the country. Two friends armed with their smartphones and Tinder accounts will share their experiences as they #TinderAcrossAmerica. The dynamic duo—Timothy and Sara—are road tripping across America and plan to meet up with Tinder dates (and friends) at small town LGBTQ bars along the way, from Washington, D.C. to Sacramento, CA.

With an interest in matching and meeting up with local LGBTQ people at small town gay bars along their route, and using Tinder as the means of making the initial introduction, they’ll be sharing the best stories, funny moments, new friends, and other updates about their journey on Twitter (@TinderAcrossUSA) and Instagram (@TinderAcrossAmerica).