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The Complete Guide on Buying Used Cars

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Regardless of your reason for buying a used car—whether you can’t afford a new motor or just prefer second-hand ones—you should tread carefully whenever you enter the used-car-buying process. You should do so because buying pre-owned cars is never easy at the best of times, and you can make it a whole lot harder and stressful for yourself if you forget to perform some essential tasks.

If you find yourself shopping in the used-car market any time soon, make sure to remember all the information you come across in the guide found below.

Get your finances in order

To avoid any slippery car dealers trying to take advantage of your finances further down the line (more on that later), you should get your finances in order before you do anything else. First and foremost, this means coming up with a budget and resolving to stick to it. Nobody knows what you can and cannot afford better than yourself, so you alone need to come up with the maximum sum of money you are willing to spend on your used car.

Importantly, you also have to work out the financial logistics of buying a car. Be it pre-owned or not, when you buy a car certain amounts of money will leave your bank at specific times. You need to make sure you can cover all of this expenditure. This means working out if you can stump up the cash needed to buy your car outright, and, if you go down the financing route, importantly, this means ensuring you have the funds to cover the deposit and then each month’s outgoing amount going forward. In regards to the latter, financing your used car can be easy enough. Be sure to read about it first, so, for instance, if the car is for your son, you can read about his financing options on trusted sites such as Here, you can find useful information on the ins and outs of car financing, information that you should use to help you decide if that is, in fact, the best route for you.

By heading to the car dealership forecourt armed with comprehensive knowledge about your financial situation, you, not the salesman, will be in full control of your car-buying venture.

Stay on top of the used car market

Something else that you should do to keep the balance of power in your corner during the buying process is to stay on top of the current used car market. By educating yourself in regards to the current climate and by knowing how much money used cars are currently going for, you’ll stop yourself from paying way over the odds. Well, you don’t want to end up paying new-car prices on a pre-owned motor, do you?

The best way to gauge whether or not you are being quoted a respectable amount on the used car that takes your fancy is to conduct research on the matter online. Also, remember that there are always going to be used cars out there available for you, so you don’t need to rush into anything. Sometimes, it might be more prudent to wait a while before you commit to a purchase, as your car of choice could depreciate and lose its value over time without losing its vehicular abilities.

Check paperwork thoroughly

Cars may not be driven on paper, but it’s still essential that you check paperwork thoroughly before you commit to buying a used car. This is because, quite simply, anything could be wrong with your car of choice, no matter its initial appearance. The previous owner of your chosen car could have done any number of things to the vehicle, and only by giving the paperwork a thorough checking over can you unearth any underlying problems. Importantly, this means checking the logbook registration and chassis numbers and making sure they align against those found on the car itself.

Inspect and test the car

As stated, any number of things could be wrong with your ideal vehicle under the surface, and the dealer trying to sell to you might not necessarily make you aware of these problems. For this reason, inspecting and testing the car yourself before you buy is an absolute must. In regards to inspecting the car, always do so in daylight and in good weather. If anybody ever asks you to conduct your inspection in poor light, decline their offer. This could mean they are trying to hide something. In regards to testing the car, make sure to test things like its braking and steering, and make sure to listen out for any unusual sounds coming from the engine.

If you ever find yourself on the cusp of buying a used car, make sure to put the above advice into practice. Doing so will save you a lot of headaches going forward.