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Attention LGBTQ Women Business Owners: Track Your Leads With This

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Enterprising LGBTQ women business leaders & owners face a myriad of challenges operating a successful business.

A sales and marketing CRM does not have to be one of those issues.

What is a CRM?

Your CRM – Customer Relationship Management – tool provides a structured way to track and follow-up with your leads and customers, track relevant business information, and provides automations to increase your overall efficiency.

Are you currently using a spreadsheet or pen and paper while prospecting?
That may be your current CRM, but an effective CRM system should provide your business a way to record, act on, and focus on priority sales items while giving you the ability to analyze key business details to make more effective business decisions.

Why do you need an effective CRM?

As the leader of your business, your team and customers rely on you to make the customer sales experience as pleasant and seamless as possible.

A CRM will help you and your business make a memorable customer sales experience.
Maybe you invested in a CRM tool, but just like your business, you should make sure you focus on and nurture your sales and customer information and technology.

Your CRM should not create waste – no wasted time, clicks, nor wasted sales!
You need an effective CRM to help you create the octopus scenario: do eight things at once. Teams of one or 100 need to help create, nurture, and close sales.

Have you:
• Enabled automations to trigger tasks and emails as you move through your sales process?
• Created and scheduled reports to save time and provide critical sales information weekly and monthly?
• Drafted personalized emails to engage and connect with your customers?

An effective CRM system can work just as efficiently for a handful of leads as it does for thousands. It can help you and your team avoid feeling completely overwhelmed and loosing leads due to lack of process.

How does a CRM technology help your business?

Using your CRM to help enhance your sales and service process will benefit your business by creating a seamless customer sales experience.

A well-tuned CRM will help you:
• Create the octopus scenario,
• Track customer engagement,
• Identify and analyze relevant business information,
• Perform repetitive tasks to keep you focused on high priority items, and
• Ensure you create the best customer sales experience for your customers!

Make sure to focus your passion and energy on your customers and business – do not let a bad CRM spoil your success!




Chuck Coveleski and Kristen McGarr
Chuck Coveleski and Kristen McGarr
Chuck Coveleski and Kristen McGarr are the founders of Infinite Insights, which helps LGBTQIA+ owners and sales leaders increase their customer sales experience but removing CRM technology barriers. www.infiniteinsightscrm.com.