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Digital creator and Instagram influencer Allyssa Leaton stands on a path in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is holding a large lesbian flag which obscures a view of her body. Her head is visible and she smiles into the camera.

Traveling solo doesn’t have to mean that you’re always alone. Queer full-time solo traveler and creator of travel Instagram account, @thelesbianpassport, Allyssa Leaton shares tips on how to be safe during solo adventures by picking the right destinations, seeking out queer-inclusive events, and creating intentional connections along the journey. 

If you’re considering planning a trip alone, you’ve probably already contemplated the countless benefits of solo travel. Traveling without a companion closes the door to compromise and opens a window to the freedom of your own choices. “My favorite thing about solo traveling, being the introvert that I am, is that it has made me into such a confident person. You have to be resilient. You’re forced to learn quickly, but it’s so empowering, especially as a woman. I’m fully convinced that there’s nothing I can’t do anymore. I feel unstoppable and have developed this huge confidence in myself,” Leaton says with well-deserved self-admiration. 

Of course, you should always bring copies of your important documents, pack portable chargers, and party responsibly, which Leaton details in her blog post, 15 Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers. But as a queer woman traveling alone, what can you do to truly feel safe, secure, and supported during your travels? 


Allyssa Leaton of @thelesbian passport stands at the bottom of a Mayan pyramid in Tikal, Guatemala.

Allyssa Leaton of @thelesbian passport in Tikal, Guatemala.

Picking the Right Destination

Like with any adventure, your destination is everything. Leaton shares that her first question when choosing a destination is always, “Can I travel safely there as a woman?” with “Can I travel safely there as a queer woman?” coming in at a close second. Some cities like Buenos Aires and Puerto Vallarta are notoriously queer-friendly, but doing your own research is imperative to understanding the level of safety and inclusivity a destination might offer.

As a solo traveler, you won’t have the convenience of taking a snooze on a public bus, walking alone at night, or taking a break from decision-making for the day, so you’ll want to consider setting some money aside for conveniences (and emergencies). Arranging a shuttle or a car versus navigating public transportation in a new city can make a huge difference when you’re exhausted after a long day of travel.

Allyssa Leaton of @thelesbianpassport in Semuc Champey, Guatemala

Finding Queer Community & Building Connections

If you’ve determined that the place you’re interested in visiting is queer-friendly, check out LGBTQ+ geotags on social media in that specific area, look into cultural centers, and seek out event boards that will give you insight into queer or solo travel-friendly spaces. Keep an eye out for sober, daytime activities like dance lessons, poetry readings, and performances where you can naturally cultivate connections with other travelers as well as locals who might point you in the direction of authentic resources and safe spaces. Being surrounded by a familiar community will not only better ensure your external safety, but will also help you feel internally safe and supported as well. 

A hostel is a great place to stay if you’re looking to make instant connections. In a hostel environment, your odds of finding friends with whom you can explore the night scene more comfortably or get recommendations from will skyrocket. If you’re working while traveling, or just like your own space, individual rooms within hostels are typically an option. 

Leaton says that dating apps are another awesome way to meet like-minded queers to tour with. “You’re already vetting each other to see if you’d get along, and then you get the opportunity to try a new restaurant, wine bar, or something really cool together.” Facebook groups, TikTok, and social media in general are all great resources to take advantage of. Set yourself up to utilize relationships and safe spaces when in need of social support.


Allyssa Leaton of @TheLesbianPassport stands alone in a cave in Iceland.

Allyssa Leaton of @thelesbianpassport in Iceland.


Don’t Forget Basic Safety

Of course, you should always have boundaries and share personal information with caution, regardless of how or where you meet someone. Whether in your hometown or in a foreign country, you should always be situationally aware, take responsible precautions, and trust your instincts. 

Let your friends and family in on your travel plans — share your location, send them a text when you land, and another text once you make it to your accommodations. Those closest to you might be far away, but little reminders that someone is looking out for you will make a positive impact on your mindset while traveling solo. 

Don’t let the fear of striking out on your own stop you from taking a swing at solo travel. The more prepared you are, the more confident you’ll feel. 




Writer Felicia Koch stands against a red brick wall. She looks directly into the camera and has long black hair in a ponytail. A tattoo peeks out from her right shoulder.
Felicia Koch
Felicia Koch (she/her) is a travel-loving Writer and Content Creator with a passion for creating authentic content for the queer community. Based in Chicago, she spends most of her free time working on her novel, planning trips with her fiancé, and tending to her Italian Greyhound's every want and need. Check out her lesbian memes on Instagram @distresseddyke or follow her travels @fatallyfelicia.