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September 12, 2014
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September 12, 2014

A New Type of Watering Hole

Lisa Harris, co-owner of The Waterhole (Photo: Angell Lynn)

Lesbian-owned café opens in Mt. Rainier

The Waterhole is Maryland’s newest juice bar with all-natural tonics, smoothies, juices, and raw food. Lisa Harris is the 25-year-old co-owner behind this new venture.

Harris has always been into health, and dreamed of owning a café as a child. The driving factor that sparked the idea for a local juice bar was impart due to her father passing away from cancer. The tragedy inspired her to do a lot of nutritional research.

“A lot of my research pointed towards juicing. My goal is to help educate people on their intake, and prevent and reverse diseases,” says Harris.

Harris is a musician, pianist, and visual artist who enjoys playing reggae music. Incorporating music with health and wellness is very important to her lifestyle and her business.

“Juice bars tend to be a dime a dozen these days, but The Waterhole will do more than sling smoothies and pour juice,” says Harris. “The inspiration behind the name, The Waterhole, is basically a gathering spot where you can come together and not only see live music, but get nourishment and create a holistic community.”

LisaHarris-2The café is in a 750-square-foot space creating the essence of both a café and a bar. The café is Wi-Fi enabled, and the bar stools give it a social flare, where people have a place to talk and relax.

“There will be happy hours with Kombucha on tap (much like beer on tap), with live music events. It’s a healthy bar,” says Harris.

In addition to live music and edible treats, The Waterhole will contribute to the spiritual wellness of the surrounding community via classes, seminars, and meditations. They will also have juice groups and detox groups. Regardless of beliefs, the owners hope guests will not only get their nutritional intake, but will also feed their spirits. Each seminar and meditation expert will guarantee a customized experience.

The Waterhole has something for everyone including people that are not in the D.C. metropolitan area. On their blog they post tips and videos for people interested in living a healthier lifestyle.

“The first step is to pay attention to what you take into your body and start doing your research,” Harris explains. “Question everything that you’re taking in. Eat to live, don’t live to eat.”

The Waterhole is now open for business and eager to serve the community. For more information and event happenings, visit their website at