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How Can We Support Black LGBTQ+ Pride to See 50+ Years?
May 24, 2022
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A Lesbian Ode to Kate McKinnon
May 25, 2022

Black gay pride events were a quintessential element during my upbringing. Queer friends met up with each other to celebrate our culture and diverse communities. Queer families showed up together and showed out while partying the night away. Yet, there was always a missing factor: Black queer music. Aside from popular bounce music artists such as Sissy Nobby, Big Freedia, Katey Red, and others, we did not have a huge Black LGBTQ+ playlist selection to choose from.

Thankfully, times have progressed, and we now have a wide range of melanated queer music artists to vibe to. Check out Tagg’s Ultimate Black Gay Pride Playlist highlighting some amazing LGBTQ+ artists from today’s music scene.


1. “Dropoffs





 2. Go”

Bakari DaShawn



 3. “DWTN

Veana Baby



4. Getcha Sum

HaSizzle feat. Anjelika Jelly




5. “Rollzzzzz”









7. “LigHTer Than a PaPer BaG

Courtnee Roze feat. Justin Hicks

Courtnee Roze



8. “Can’t Forget”

Jaguar Blak



9. “Way Up

Candid Ramblings

Candid Ramblings



10. “Elixers and Cauldrons”



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11. “Walk”

Saucy Santana



12. “Now


K. Lou

@k_l_o_u_ @LOUNTRIBE


13. “Crushing”

Vega Black



14. “Monkey On That D*ck

Young Tribe

Young Tribe



15. “Alien





16. “Rock Around Tha Clock”

Big Freedia



17. “Time Flies (Fun)”

Xandra Day feat. Kae I.D



18. “I’m Dreaming/TMI

K. Sean

K. Sean



19. “i Like”

Rocky Badd



20. “River My Tears

Carissa Visionary!

Carissa Visionary!



21. “Unknown Adversary





22. “No Pressure”

Navy Woods (feat. blussh & Jbone243)









Quinn Foster
Quinn Foster
Quinn is a Queer Melanated Afro-Creole Multi-Creative Writer, Music Artist, and Ethnographer who dedicates their energy to social justice issues, Melanated culture & history, travel, and much more. As a Two-Spirit individual, Quinn is still learning more about life, themselves, and nature day by day.