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Uranus 2324, Thailand’s Game-Changing Sapphic Sci-Fi Film, Premieres July 4

Two women's hands reach for one another, but there's too much space between the two to connect.

What happens when a production studio seeking to advance the film industry in Thailand collaborates with one of the couples that have revolutionized LGBTQ+ content in the country? The answer is Uranus 2324. Velcurve Studio will premiere a groundbreaking sci-fi project this year showcasing a girl-on-girl romance with promising Thai actresses Freen Sarocha and Rebecca “Becky” Patricia Armstrong in the lead roles.


The Rise of Thai LGBTQ+ TV

But before we leave Earth, let’s go back in time to consider the context, which is essential for understanding this story. In 2021, BL (boys’ love) series were gaining immense popularity. For those out of the know, BL refers to fictional romances that center two men in love as the main characters. The pandemic lockdown brought these series to the forefront in Asia, with Thailand emerging as a prominent producer of boys’ love content. This is where our main story begins.

During the production of the BL series Secret Crush on You, actresses Sarocha “Freen” Chankimha and Rebecca Patricia “Becky” Armstrong, who were cast in supporting roles, met during the workshops before filming began. Their effortless chemistry immediately caught the producer’s attention. As a result, they opted to modify Becky’s character and incorporate a storyline involving her and Freen in the series, portraying best friends with an underlying romantic vibe.


Thailand’s First Girls’ Love Series

The show experienced moderate success, but the girls gained significant recognition for their on-screen acting and their real-life bond. That’s when the producer and actor, Saint Suppapong, knew he couldn’t let go of the opportunity to create a series around the actresses. So despite the apparent lack of demand and sponsorship for sapphic content, he took the risk and decided to adapt a Yuri novel into a YouTube series using his own funds. With a limited budget but a dedicated audience, Gap: The Series (Pink Theory) launched in late 2022 and quickly became a trailblazer. It made history as Thailand’s first GL (girls’ love) series.

The series became a global sensation, amassing over 500 million views while Freen and Becky saw their social media following grow from hundreds to millions. They held fan events across Asia and established collaborations with top brands such as Gentle Monster, Tiffany, Givenchy, and Maybelline. In addition, they performed the songs from the series soundtrack and filmed multiple music videos produced by Velcurve Studio. Impressed by the girls’ talent, the producers decided to collaborate with them, confirming them as the main characters in Uranus 2324, an upcoming GL movie announced in August 2023. 


The Sapphic Film Heard ‘Round the World

But what is Uranus 2324 all about? This Thai science fiction romance film follows the story of Kath (played by Becky), an aspiring Olympic free diver who reminisces about her relationship with Linlada Sasinpimon (played by Freen), her former partner who was a Thai astronaut lost in a space station. Kath and Lin crossed paths at different points in their lives, trying to navigate their love. When Lin goes missing during a space mission and Kath suffers a free-diving accident, Kath finds herself experiencing their love story in various parallel worlds. Is there a chance for them to be reunited in one of these worlds?

This highly awaited film will premiere on July 4 in over 20 countries, and boost visibility with coordinated international events. The production company is striving to secure the film’s participation in various film festivals. Meanwhile, Freen and Becky graced the red carpet at the 2024 Cannes Festival, marking their inaugural major international appearance. 

Thailand is actively working to break language and cultural barriers to reach audiences worldwide and enhance its film and TV sector on an international level. Meanwhile, in a parallel universe to Uranus 2324, efforts are being made to advocate for the legalization of same-sex marriage in Thailand, with Freen and Becky working as government ambassadors to drive this initiative forward. The Southeast Asian Country is experiencing notable advancements and momentum in diversity and film production, indicating a promising future for the entertainment landscape and the LGBTQ+ community. With the release of Uranus 2324, we see two paths of progress unite in a truly captivating manner. 




Patricia R. Miranda
Patricia R. Miranda
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