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Guitar Gabby of the Txlips

We’re just a FEW DAYS AWAY from WFSU DC, and we can’t believe it! But before we start head bangin’ to a kick ass womxn lineup, we’re stoked to feature The Txlips’ lead singer, Gabriella Logan. Gabby, along with the rest of the Txlips, has been fucking shit up through spreading black girl magic through rock music. These badass womxn are ready to empower, amplify, and celebrate all womxn in the D.C. area this Saturday at the fest. I got to talk with Gabby about her musical upbringing and why she’s working her way up the coast to join us in the District.

Name: Gabriella Logan
Stage Name: Guitar Gabby
Location: Atlanta, GA
How do you identify? Black womxn from the South
Pronouns: She, her, and hers

When/how did you first become involved in music?
When I was 11, my mom bought me my first guitar. I immediately started teaching myself how to play. I wanted to be able to play the music that was in my head for my friends and family. As I got better, I decided that I wanted my own band. So in 2016, I founded the The Txlips Band (pronounced Tulips).

How is music attached to your gender identity? Did/does your identity play an integral part in the development of your music?
When I was in high school, I felt like an outsider. I didn’t really have access to rock music that was made by people who looked like me. I want to make music for anyone who has ever felt like I did when I was younger. Whether they identify as a person of color, a womxn, queer, Southern, etc., I want my music to make anyone and everyone feel empowered to be themselves.

Who/what is your inspiration and why?
I am inspired by rock-n-roll artists who look like me. Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Betty Davis contributed so much to the genre and continue to pave the way for women in rock. I also love Indigo Girls, Orianthi and SZA. These womxn inspire me because they are boss ass bitches.

Why are you playing at WFSU DC?
Because I want to share the magic of Txlips with the DMV! I want to participate in this event because WFSU stands for everything the Txlips strives for: empowerment and raising awareness to music and the art of womxn.

How do you fuck shit up?
By being boss ass bitch. I am most myself when I am taking ownership over my business and my body.

Kristen Voorhees
Kristen Voorhees
Kristen is a community organizer and communications entrepreneur living in DC proper. Co-founder of the QREW, Kristen also engages in advocacy and small business empowerment through her public relations expertise.