Top 5 Reasons Why Sex Toys Makes Your Relationship Better

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Top 5 Reasons Why Sex Toys Makes Your Relationship Better

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Sex is a form of communication between two couples. The act deepens their bond and strengthens their relationship. According to an article in, sex is essential in maintaining a healthy connection. No matter the couple’s sexual orientation, this type of intimacy brings bliss to the relationship.

Fun, enjoyable, and full of pleasure; it is undeniable that this so-called heavenly experience allows couples to explore their desires with their beloved. One of the things that could make you both adventurous is the use of sex toys. However, you might be one of those skeptics towards this playful and bold item. Need enlightenment about sex toys? Then you just have stumbled on a good read.

Improves the Quality of Sex Life

Often, when a new relationship becomes steady, a couple’s sex life might not be as exciting as it used to be. Let’s admit it, gay sex may be diversified than your regular man and woman sex life, but it can get boring if you don’t bring new ideas to the table. So, why not spice up your sex life by solving it with a few clicks?

Couples that have been in a relationship for a while report that their sex life has had fantastic improvement ever since they started using sex toys. Thanks to the varieties of such toys, you can come up and experience new sex games every day.

Vibrators Improve Your Health

It might sound funny to you, but a whole study was conducted to confirm this claim. According to a published study at by Michael Reece of the Center for Sexual Health and Promotion, men that used vibrators have a better erectile function. Not only that, but it improves the intense orgasm experience, which results in better satisfaction.

On the other hand, women can also benefit from using vibrators like Tracy’s Dog Pecker Vibrator by having their vaginas rejuvenated through using the said sex toy. As a woman ages, uncomfortable symptoms of menopause may occur such as tightness and dryness. Thus, it would lead to decreased sex drive, making your sex life a zero.

As such, vibrators can help alleviate the said symptoms by improving the tone and elasticity of your vaginal walls. According to a nurse and co-founder of Jo Divine, Samantha Evans, it leads to vaginal lubrication, making one’s sex life as enjoyable as before.

Foreplay Makes Sex Greater

Some couples tend to overlook the importance of foreplay and immediately rush to the main course. However, Bustle magazine stated that 62 percent of couples experience exciting and better bedroom play by extending foreplay.

Keeping that in mind, use the different offers of the sex toy market, like the Tracy’s Dog Craybit Vibrator, to heat things up and make your foreplay experience better. So, go ahead and buy some vibrators that could make your partner taste what ecstasy feels like!

Knowing Your Partner Better

How well do you know your partner? That question would not always come up, especially if you have been together for quite some time. However, when it comes to sex, can you or your partner direct each other properly?

Around twenty-nine percent of couples use vibrators who do not have qualms about giving their partner directions during lovemaking. However, did you know that sex toys give you confidence and make you open up to your partner regarding pleasure? This is why those who do not use vibrators have a little bit of trouble when it comes to guiding their partners in the right direction.

Helps Your Partner to Open Up

Not all partners open up quickly in bed, which might not be the best situation, but it happens in some couples. If you or your partner feels uneasy saying what you like, then sex toys might be your spokesperson for this. Why? Using sex toys allows your partner to learn more about your preference without any verbal communication.

This helps a great deal between same-sex relationships wherein they might be a little bit shy at first about their preferences. Now, if you want to help yourself or your partner to open up a bit more to give the exciting pleasure, you might want to consider using sex toys as an intermediary.


Gone are the days where sex toys are a taboo topic in society. Due to social media and further information regarding the said item, it is now a welcomed subject among any sexual orientations. Thus, keep your relationship healthy and happy by seeking help or improvement by using sex toys.




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