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Since time immemorial, humankind has always had a fascination with the stars that shine above us. Sailors used them to navigate, ancient cultures looked to them for signs and portents, and some even developed theories about how they could impact our personalities and futures.

While these civilizations became lost in the dusty halls of time, some of this lore remained, including a belief held by many: that the zodiac sign we’re born under can impact the lives we lead.

One area this is said to influence is our relationships; namely, the type of individuals we’re attracted to and who are attracted to us. Here’s what your star sign has to say about the sort of person you should be with.


Arians value their independence – and people who respect it. Attracted to those who embrace their free spirits, they need someone who accepts their occasional need for solitude and who has a deeply spiritual side themselves. Do you know anyone who performs or seeks out clairvoyant readings? The intuitive abilities of those with a so-called third eye are likely to have a strong appeal for you – or perhaps having a reading done on yourself could be how you find love.


Taureans like to be loved, so finding someone who makes them feel special is key. Attracted to those who are warm, gentle, and affectionate, maturity and romance are their two top turn-ons. Should you meet a gorgeous doctor or a selfless caregiver, sparks are likely to fly.


Geminis can be wild and eccentric, and they don’t like those who make them feel stifled. Preferring partners who have the ability to listen as well as to talk, common interests and shared ambitions are incredibly important to them.


Cancerians are among the most loyal of all the star signs, and they expect to get the same commitment back. Loving hard and fiercely, they have a tendency to become incredibly attached to their partners, which means they can take a while to let people in. For this reason, gentle perseverance is highly appealing to them.


Perfectionists with an undeniable sense of ego, Leos are confident and outspoken and prefer partners who are happy for them to hog the limelight. However, beneath the surface, they can be incredibly sensitive and need someone who’s happy to reassure them when they begin to doubt themselves.


Virgos like to see their own best qualities reflected in their partners, which is why they’re drawn to those who are quiet, analytical, and intelligent. They don’t take drama or conflict well, preferring individuals with a calm, quiet, and mature disposition that complements their own.


Elegant and unruffled, Libras choose to stay away from fuss and complications. Preferring to live a simple life, their preference is for partners with a calming presence and a strong moral compass. Teachers and educators perfectly fit the bill.


Fiery and passionate, Scorpios like those who can match their energy and devotion. Expecting 110 percent at all times, their relationships are incredibly important to them, and they need to be with someone who is wholly and completely theirs.


Adventurous and independent, Sagittarians can be commitment-phobic, but when they do set their sights on someone, they have every intention of loving them forever. Because of this, they need a partner who will adore them just as hard, while still respecting their occasional need for freedom and solitude.


Capricorns are career-focused and ambitious, and they want a partner who can support them in this. Unable to abide pessimism or negative energy, they’re drawn to those with effervescent personalities and an optimistic outlook.


Even more adventurous than Geminis and Sagittarians, Aquarians are fueled by their adrenaline. Preferring partners who are happy to go along on their hare-brained adventures, they like free spirits with a sense of joy and spontaneity.


Last but not least, Pisces. Hopeless romantics, Pisceans are often characterized as dreamers. Finding it difficult to get a grasp on the real world and the challenges it poses, the sort of person they’re attracted to must be able to balance them out: realistic, but with a penchant for romantic gestures.

Tell us, do the stars have it right for you?



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