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May 23, 2023
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There are so many exceptional queer-owned brands out there that are breaking new ground and providing solutions to some of the world’s problems. Here are 10 from across different industries to take a peek at during Pride Month.


Black Girl Ventures

Black Girl Ventures

Founder: Omi Shelly Bell
Year founded: 2016

Black Girl Ventures is a company whose goal is to give Black women business owners access to both social and financial capital. Its programs include financial evaluations and funding competitions. In order to achieve business milestones, they are committed to providing women entrepreneurs with access to community, education, and leadership development.


Coco and Breezy — Handcrafted Designer Sunglasses and Optical Frames – Coco and Breezy Eyewear

Coco and Breezy

Founders: Corianna and Brianna Dotson
Year founded: 2009

Located in New York, Coco and Breezy eyewear is a brand that provides a selection of modern eyewear styles. Their early designs were an instant hit in the fashion world and they are popularly known for the iconic “third eye” sunglasses Prince wore during his 2014 SNL performance. Their glasses and sunglasses can be found in major publications like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar




Founders: Natasha Case and Freya Estrella
Year founded: 2009

Coolhaus is an ice cream brand based in Los Angeles. Known for combining food and architecture, Coolhaus flavors have their names derived from architects and architectural movements, like Bananas Foster, named after British architect Norman Foster. 


Diaspora Co

Diaspora Co. 

Founder: Sana Javeri Kadri
Year founded: 2017

Headquartered in California, Diaspora Co. is renowned for improving the spice trade by procuring the best spices and compensating farmers four to six times as much as the market rate while freshly milling and blending each spice and masala for optimal flavor and strength.


Hi WIldflower


Hi Wildflower

Founder: Tanaïs (formerly Tanwi Nandini Islam)
Year founded: 2014

Hi Wildflower is a botanical perfume and candle line. The brand is created for the socially-conscious, colorful, and stylish consumer looking for luxury, fine-crafted goods.



Kaleidoscope Hair Products

Founder: Jesseca Dupart
Year founded: 2014

Based in Georgia, Kaleidoscope Hair Products is widely known as the home of the miracle drop system because of its effectiveness. Jesseca, who is married to popular rapper and musician Da Brat, was awarded the key to the city of New Orleans in 2019 to recognize the philanthropy and business she has contributed to in the area. 




Founder: Jenna Lyons
Year founded: 2020

Loveseen is a beauty company with a focus on fake lashes. LoveSeen is 98 percent plastic-free, uses soy-based inks, recycled and recyclable material where possible, and has lash trays made from sugarcane pulp. It is soft and wispy and perfect for everyday wear. 




Founder: Sara Berks
Year founded: 2013

MINNA is a tight-knit team of artist, creators and thinkers founded in Brooklyn, NY and now based in Hudson, NY. They create ethically made home goods rooted in traditional craft techniques. According to the founder, Sara Berks, MINNA grew out of her weaving art practice and her desire to use design to create impact. 


The Crafty Queer

The Crafty Queer

Founder: Alister

The Crafty Queer focuses on selling art and merch. Their offerings include baby onesies, jewelry, and tote bags. Visit the store to purchase greeting cards that embrace gender and sexuality, then stay to browse the vast selection of jewelry, apparel, and even tote bags that are tied to pride.




Founder: Emma Mcllroy
Year founded: 2012

Wildfang is a clothing company known for its gender-neutral clothing line, which aims to challenge traditional gender norms in fashion. Wildfang offers a range of clothing that are designed to be versatile and suitable for all genders.



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Kehinde Adepetun
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