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Women You Should Meet (W.Y.S.M.): Ashley Gibbs-Young

Ashley Gibbs-Young

Name: Ashley Gibbs-Young
City, State: Rockville, MD
Age: 35
Profession: Senior Account Manager & Travel Agent
Website: linktr.ee/travelinghelps

In a few words, how would you describe yourself?
I would describe myself as outgoing, hardworking, curious, entertaining, and a joy to be around.

Your favorite hangout spots.
To be honest, my favorite hangout spots include any place outside of the United States.

Favorite guilty pleasure.
Watching Love Is Blind on Netflix.

Favorite quote.
“She believed she could, so she did.” – R.S. Grey. (It’s tattooed on my arm.)

Who is your biggest influence? And why?
My biggest influence was, and still is, Oprah. I’ve always admired her work ethic, and the fact that she wasn’t in her 20s when she finally made it or felt accomplished. I have to remind myself of people like her as I get deeper in my 30s. It makes me remember to not be so hard on myself and to give myself grace.

Favorite event.
If we’re talking all time, it has to be my wedding! Then it’s definitely Pride!

Do you have any regrets in life?
I regret not starting therapy before it was normalized.

Favorite lesbian/queer celebrity.
Lena Waithe.

Any fun facts or anything else you want our readers to know?
Sundays are for brunch. Traveling heals the soul. Be unapologetically you even if it means you’ll lose some people close to you.



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