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4 Reasons You Should Enjoy a Passover Vacation

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This year Passover will take place between April 10 to 18. If you and your partner want to simply enjoy Passover, taking the stress out of planning for the holiday, you should definitely consider taking a Passover vacation and here is why…

1. A Hassle-Free Holiday
Passover requires careful planning to ensure everything runs smoothly, or does it? Instead of stressing over creating the perfect eight-day festival for your family, you could simply look for a great Pesach vacation for the whole family or just you and your soul mate.

This means you don’t have to worry about squeezing the whole kin into the family home, or focusing on selecting the kosher food months in advance. You simply book a holiday and enjoy the Jewish holiday in utter style, and Leisure Time Tours can help you discover the perfect Passover resorts that will be catered to your every need.

2. The More the Merrier
Passover resorts allow you to enjoy the holiday with all the family. This April you can invite as many people as you like to join you for a truly fantastic time in a beautiful location, such as Westchester Hilton, Arizona Biltmore Hotel, and The Four Seasons Florence Hotel. There has never been a better reason to get together with all your loved ones to enjoy each other’s company, creating wonderful memories that you will treasure forever. It could even be a fantastic way to reunite with a large extended family every year.

3. No Cooking
As you will probably know, cooking up two seders for a large family is no easy task. While Passover is a fantastic time for all the family, full of Matzah pizza and potato kegels, it can be an extremely stressful, especially if you are the one doing the cooking! However, we recommend taking a box of Matzah with you just in case a foreign country doesn’t offer any in their stores.

So, if it is your turn to host in your home, this year you can create an alternative Passover experience and opt for one amazing Jewish holiday in a beautiful location, with the whole experience catered for the family. You are therefore free to just enjoy the company of the love of your life, family and/or friends.

4. Skip the Cleaning
You know what cooking means, don’t you? Cleaning! Not only will you have to cook up a delicious feast, but you will have to do all the dishes that follow – and we haven’t even mentioned the pre-Passover cleaning to prepare the house for all the clan, which means dusting, changing the bed linen and creating a welcoming environment for your guests.

A Passover hotel will therefore allow you to simply relax, enjoy some leisurely time with your partner and/or children, or you could even treat yourself to a well-earned massage – not your average Pesach festival, right? So, give yourself a break this April and book a hotel. You will wonder why you have never chosen to take a holiday before.