5 Reasons Why Thank You Cards are Still Important

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5 Reasons Why Thank You Cards are Still Important

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Some variation of thank you cards have been around for hundreds of years. The Egyptians wrote notes to each other to strengthen friendship and to wish each other good luck well before the Europeans started this practice in the 1400s.

Now in this digital age, are these notes really that important? Continue reading this article to learn 5 reasons why these thank you cards are important.

Thank You Cards Are Important & Here’s Why

Whether you make your own thank you cards or if you buy a pack from the store, thank you cards still mean a lot to the person receiving them.

1. Relationship Building

People love to know that you appreciate them. The more you show appreciation for people, the more the relationship will build.

People tend to gravitate toward people that feel thankful for them. Writing the note might not take a lot of time but it is going to make a big impact on their heart.

2. Feeling Good

Writing thank you cards not only makes the other person feel good but it makes you feel good too. When you’re writing the card, you are reliving the good things that people did for you or what they gave to you.

3. Stay Top of Mind

Sending a thank you card makes people think about you again. It’s a non-pushy way to get back into their thought process.

They may have done something nice for you that they didn’t think much of. When you send them a thank you card saying how much it meat to you, it’s an opportunity to get them thinking about you and even to open up other opportunities.

4. Many People Keep Your Notes

Not only will people read your thank you card, unlike an email that you might send, but they are likely to keep your note. There is something about having a note in your hand and holding the kind words of another human that makes you want to keep it.

If they’re feeling down, they’re likely to go back and revisit the thank you card and look at the nice things that you said. Depending on who it is that you send the card to, they may even put it on the mantelpiece or fridge.

5. It Sets You Apart

Few people bother to say thank you by using a thank you card in this day and age. Most people don’t even shoot a quick text off to people or an email.

When you send a thank you card and you let people know how much you appreciated what you did for them, they are going to remember you favorably.

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